Weird reaction over BH purchase

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  1. I bought the Batignolles Horizontal the other day and showed it to my friend and she looked at me like I pulled out a bad fake. So I say "okay, I guess you don't like it" and she says, "no, no I like it. I just didn't expect you to like it. It's kinda boring for you." I guess she wasn't expecting me to buy a simple Mono anything (I have 3 LV bags and the BH was my first Mono piece) I still not sure if that was a compliment or not.:wondering

    Funny thing is, I'm going to return it for a discontinued piece of Mandarin Epi:amuse: I guess that will be unusual enough for her.
  2. I think she meant it as a compliment (alltough weirdly), she was just surprised.
  3. ^^^ as do i. she admires that you have unique style...she just didn't phrase it very well. :smile:

    what mandarin piece are you getting?
  4. Interesting.
    Mine is never "boring." Lately I've been switching off my different keychains (Jack & Lucie-just too cute to only use at Halloween!, Inclusion Speedy, Groom Cles, Groom Pochette Cles, etc.). They look really cute as bag charms :smile:

    And I LOVE Mandarin Epi..I have the Jasmin-it's such a different style :yes:
  5. pssshhh. Nothing boring about a BH!! ;)
  6. Batignolles is great bag I guess your friend meant it's just another tote bag with LV mono...

    What mandarine piece do you have in mind??
  7. Either the jasmin or the Mandara MM--if of course 866-LV can find one for me.
  8. i think you have to remember that the bh isn't for everyone....and what she meant by boring may have actually been mature
  9. Many people don't like mono for its too easy faked/showoffy/logorific factors.
  10. Maybe it's something different than what she's used to see you have?