Weird question

  1. This may sound odd, but after a workout do any of you feel like when you inhale there is a slight burning sensation/smell?
    Any explanation possible? :nuts:
  2. I have never experienced that.
  3. LOL apparently nobody does, but it happens to me often enough after a workout. Maybe its the walking back in the freezing cold, after sweating to my house and then getting into the hot shower immediately. I don't know..
  4. That never happened to me before. I guess freezing cold weather has something to do with it.
  5. You probably have acute asthma brought on by the cold and the workout - I had this when I was in high school and used to run at night in the winter time.
  6. happens to me alot...i just thought it was normal, i guess it isnt....i wonder what causes it.
  7. That used to happen to me a lot in cold weather and when I was out of breath and now I have asthma. It sounds like you have perhaps a little bit of asthma if that makes sense LOL. Be careful because it could become full-blown. I got asthma in my late twenties after two children -- it was brought on by allergies I developed while PG. Yet another part of my body having children ruined. :rolleyes: ;)
  8. LOL I so look forward to pregnancy!!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one, however this asthma business keeps coming up, and I really hope I don't have that. I've never had any symptoms before. hmmm...perhaps I should look this up.
  9. I think it would be worth checking out with your doctor, just to be on the safe side, and make sure that the exercise program you are doing is the best one for you...
  10. wow now i do want to get it checked out. i was walking to class today and normally i just ignore the burning sensation but this time i thought to myself 'this isnt normal call health services' but i never did....i know its not just the cold because this happens to me during the summer time as well. thanks for the input and info on asthma
  11. is it metallic taste? I have had this taste before and I also have asthma which is mainly exercise induced.
  12. batgirl, let me know when you go to the doctor what they tell you, or rather (not to be nosy) if its asthma. I would have never thought it was possible either. If I get there first, I'll report back!

    miss_cherie, I don't get the metallic taste you're talking about...only the weird burning/burning smell. I should mention that this is only after excercise, not during.
  13. Hey Danica is the burning in your chest or mouth? I have asthma and the burning sensation is in my lungs. Are you exercising outdoors?
  14. Sometimes after working out outdoors I'll sometimes have a metal like taste but I've always blamed it on bad air.
  15. its not a taste, it burns when i breathe in my i will make an apt on monday and well see from there