Weird question

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  1. I got the 25% off coupon and will be using it, but here's my question -I was planning on going to the King of Prussia store b/c that store carries a lot of things that the store closest to me does not. But the store closest to me called me to let me know I was getting a card and to ask me to stop by before the sale to "make sure they had everything I wanted" (I assume that just means that they'd order whatever they didnt have).

    The call made me wonder if I should just go to the store that called me b/c they seem to know me more and maybe that would help establish more of a relationship with that store/those SAs, so I'd be more likely to be in line to receive future invites.

    So the question is, should I go to KoP for the bigger selection since I know the one closer to me doesn't have some of the things I want to look at/possibly get, or go to the store that called me b/c they "know" me more and gave me a call about the event? Is it bad form/rude to go to a different store?

    And I apologize if this is the dumbest question ever!
  2. I would go to the store who called you, whatever they don't have and KoP does- they can order :smile:
  3. Is there any way you can go to the KoP and scout out what you want and then use your credit with your "home" store? Then you will have the best of both worlds. Just a thought.
  4. I received the message too. Is it necessary to go to the store before the event? Will they be running out of a lot of stuff?
  5. Your closer store can order whatever you want for you and have it shipped to you for free.
  6. Thanks for weighing in, everyone. After reading what everyone thinks, I probably will go to the store that called me.

    Mokey - I like your suggestion and I may very well do that.