Weird Question

  1. I have a question for you ladies. I talked to one of the sales at YSL in requesting a small Muse. They said they would get one in just for me as the store currently does not have that model. I have this particular thing about wanting a bag that's brand new and untouched. So I explained that to the sales and asked if I can be the first to unwrap and examine the bag that they're getting for me and she said "no.". Her reasoning was that they need to check it first because they cannot let the customers to see any flaws on the bag. I told her I don't care if I see the flaws, I won't hold it against the company or how I see YSL, she still said no ...

    I know that my request is weird but what can I do about this? I really want to be the first to examine my bag ... I know Hermes allows that. I honestly don't care if I see flaws on the bag, I mean, no bag is perfect ... Seriously, I would not buy the bag if I know someone else had touched it before me. I'm just superstitious that way.
  2. That's not there anyway you could get them to ship it to your house, and if there are problems, just return it? I like to be the first one to touch a beautiful bag too :smile:
  3. They already ordered the bag for it, and I'm seriously ready to tell the manager tomorrow that I want to cancel the order if they cannot let me touch the bag first. I mean, all they have to do is to ask the other sales in the boutique (and there aren't that many) to wait when the bag comes in. They do get a report one week in advance when the bag is coming, so that's plenty of time to get ready ...

    I can understand that they don't want people to see any flaws, but I'd think that's partly because they dont' want people to lose faith in their product. I've already expressed I wouldn't feel that way. Ugh ... maybe I should stick with trying to locate myself a Bolide or something
  4. Maybe just tell the manager that you need to see the purse first..if they won't let you, you can always order from another place, Neiman's, Saks, etc., have them ship it to you, and then if there are problems, you can return it.
  5. I still need to cancel from the other store the Medium Muse that they ordered. But that was a different case, they never got back to me so I thought they couldn't order it, then the next thing I knew they said the bag was coming and asked me for my CC info. Then they made me wait 3 weeks and when I inquire about it, they said, "It's not here yet, hon." I HATE it when ppl use those words in a condescending manner. So going to cancel that one for several reasons even though THAT store is willing to ship the bag to me unopened. But ... it's a Medium, so it's big for me anyway.
  6. oh wow, you should've complained that you had gotten no information so you decided against it! What color Muse are you getting?
  7. The one that I'm canceling that was too big for me and that they never confirmed that they ordered for me until it's actually coming? It was pink. Funny thing was they told me it's a special order and I'm the only one who will have it but then I found out several stores have the same thing too. Oh well ... maybe it's not meant to be...
  8. come all these SA's sound so sketchy?? They keep telling you things that don't seem to be quite right....oh well.. :smile: you can cancel it anyways!

    What color is the small Muse you're getting? I bet it's gorgeous!!