Weird Question...

  1. Do you ever get a pale white film over your mono bags??? I usually keep my wapity out (not in its dust bag) because I take it with me everywhere. If I keep it in one place, it gets this white films on SOME parts of the canvas. Not everywehre, so it's not dust. And that only happens when it's out on my desk or bed...not in the bag. It can easily be wiped off though. The first time I saw it, I thought I would have a heart attack because it was still new!

    Has anyone ever heard/experienced that? It's just so weird!
  2. Not here.
  3. If it wasn't also from your bed I would think it might be a reaction to a dusting spray on the desk. But from the bed too is weird. Oh well as long as it doesn't damage it don't stress. Just don't put it in those places anymore. :smile:
  4. that's never happened to any of mine.......did you spray it with any sort of leather/fabric protectant?.......maybe it's reacting with the air? :oh:
  5. i've got it on my agenda a few times.. it wipes right off with some water for me.. but it's weird. i think it's the coating on the canvas, but oh well.. i dont care too much about it. :smile:
  6. i have small white spots (like white out liquid paper) randomly on my ipod case i get deprressed when i look at it i have never tried to remove it im too scared, its only 4 dots so not HUGE deal yet ill try water today and see if it comes off
  7. I've never heard of this. :ninja:
  8. ^^^^ :lol: I just wanted to try out the ninja smiley.
  9. ^ hahaha Eileen!! That's so cute!!

    I've never had this happen to any of mine's, did you use anything on it? Hmm maybe call your store and ask them what might be causing it? Or 866vuitton? Even though it wipes right off, it's best to check with them, who knows what might happen in the future.
  10. That is so weird. :blink: I've never had that happen to any of my bag before either. I would ask vuitton. :hrmm:
  11. i've never had this happen... let us know if you find out anything from vuitton.
  12. I think it's just the coating that Lv uses to finalize their canvas. Maybe the humidity and temperature of your house is too high. They're supposed to be kept in a cool low lighted area =)
  13. that explains my film sometimes... cuz if i leave my agenda in the car on a hot day, i'll come back and it'll have white flaky spots.. didn't think much of it, so i just wiped it off and it's fine. haha. oh wells. i dont leave it in the car much anymore these days. :smile:
  14. That's interesting. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. nope.