weird question

  1. Hello everyone! By Googleing, I found this wonderful place and joined as soon as I could. I've recently become quite addicted to the Tokidoki for LeSportsac bags. (I'm sure you can all understand haha!) I'm starting my collection now, and so far I have a Dolce Pirata straight from the LeSportsac website and I just received a Rosa Citta Bambinone I got off eBay in the mail today. Before I bid on the bag, I asked for more pictures to make sure it was authentic, etc etc. But here's my all seems authentic except for the FEEL of the bag. The liner feels thinner and the bag itself seems more...pliable than the Dolce. Is that normal? Do different bags have different feels to them?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hm... I don't know. I think it depends a little on the style of bag. but most of mine have a similar feel in terms of fabric - do you have the original pics from the seller so we can take a look?
  3. Sure! Hold on, let me upload them real quick. :smile:
  4. Here are the pics!
    Image1.jpg Image3.jpg Image4.jpg Image5.jpg Image2.jpg
  5. wendy - that looks authentic to me!!

    congrats on your purchase... and welcome to the purse forum!! I hope you join the tokidoki madness.... :jammin:
  6. Thank you!! I'm excited to be here. I just ordered the matching wallet in the Rosa Citta off because it's on clearance for $39.99! I can tell this is going to be a very expensive addiction. I feel better that this bag is authentic since I know about all the fakes on eBay...I'm just surprised at how different it feels then the Dolce Pirata. The Bambinone feels more like my L.A.M.B bag (softer) then the Dolce.
  7. The store I work at got a few OC Lesportsac bags in, and I thought the same thing about those -- that the nylon seemed a lot flimsier.
  8. Wecome Wendy! Glad to here someone else snapped up a rose citta denaro on UO website today.
  9. Thank you, BLACKWIDOW! Yeah, I've noticed if you keep checking their site, they put up things sporatically on clearance.

    Frogbubbles - okay, so it's not just me? I was only curious because the Dolce feels thicker all around then the Bambinone.
  10. Wendy, are you talking about the inside feeling different b/c if so the inside of my citta rosa purse is super soft and slippery. I saw your pics and your bag is def. authentic. Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the Toki addiction!! We're glad to have you here!! :love:
  11. Thanks Jen! Yeah, the feel of the bag just feels much more pliable and softer then my Dolce...and the inside lining feels thinner then the Dolce too. I'm just wondering if maybe the bigger the bag, the softer it is? And maybe they just use a thinner lining in the larger bags? I don't know. I'm not complaining...I LOVE the size of the Bambinone and the fact it has such a long shoulder strap is great. I wonder if anyone knows what other Tokidoki bags have the long shoulder strap?

    I'm dying to find a good Inferno print bag, but I'd like it to be bigger with a longer strap. I think the Ciao Ciao maybe?
  12. Wendy, the lesportsac outlet stores are currently carring the inferno/paradiso can get their info from the lesportsac site i.e. phone #, e-mail can place a phone order and do a chargesend (bubblesung's fav word) ...they give about 25% off of retail price there. I'm not sure where you're located...u may be by a lesportsac outlet and you can just go there yourself. If should call and order a bag!! :jammin:
  13. Ooh, good idea! I'm in Philly so there's no outlets near me. I'll definitely check out the LeSportsac website and contact an outlet. Any recommendations on a bag? I wish there was one like the Bambinone but slightly larger. My everyday bag is a regular classic black LeSportsac hobo and I'd love to make an Inferno my everyday!
  14. You should see if they have the inferno's my favorite bag and stylish...[​IMG]
  15. Consider it done! I just emailed every outlet store. :love: Thank you for such a warm welcome!