weird question: what's the point of a michael kors' rep at macy's?

  1. this is an odd question i know but i can't help but wonder...

    the last couple of weeks, including this one, a macy's store i've been to has had a michael kors rep at their store. i'm not talking about the macy's michael kors' expert, i mean a guest rep who says they do not work for macy's but michael kors. they don't seem to do much imho. you can't ask them to do a price check. you can ask them about mk bags, but if you want to look at a bag that's leashed, buy, put on hold, retrieve or check stock, and so on, they basically tell the macy's sales person to do it. i'm confused as to why they're present. does anyone know?

    also to add, i asked them about some conflicting info i was told at the mk store, but their answer made me question if they really do work for michael kors...
  2. I'm guessing they are there to literally represent Michael Kors. It seems they are there to answer questions about their bags and accessories as well as maybe guide you in the direction of the kind of bag you are looking for. In terms of price checks, retrieving the bags, etc, that is still the Macy's associates jobs. The rep is only there to support the brand while the associates who work at Macy's still carry on with their responsibilities.

    Just what I think! I could be wrong!
  3. I would say this as well (from my experience working for cosmetics in a department store that sometimes had vendor reps there). They may have also been training the store employees in the down time as well.