Weird question, the Women s/s 2007 video clip on (ro)

  1. does anyone know the name of the song they played during the fashion show clip? The lyric goes "I don't just like it, I like it like it". And there's opera singing as backup chorus.

  2. I wanted that song too! What is it called? :confused1:
  3. The song's title is Like You by the artisit Kelis from the album Kelis was Here. I think she was nominated for an R&B Grammy for this album. Cool song & cool album.
  4. OMG, you're the best!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:I absolutely love that song & figured it was a very, very long shot, lol.

    Thank you so much!
  5. i've got the runway soundtrack on MP3. the quality is rather scratchy, but it'll seem like you were right there front and centre. if anyone can tell me how i can share this online i'd be more than happy to ;)
  6. Thanks all! I was driving my dh crazy trying figure this song out too! lol
  7. i like Kelis' music...
  8. link? anyone?
  9. lol Me too!

    I keep replaying the runway show on the LV site!