Weird question -- selling/donating used MAC eyeshadows?

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  1. I know that sounds kinda gross, but I am talking about eye shadows/pigments ONLY. I have SO MANY from MAC (some pigments, too) that I don't use at all.

    What are my options? I wouldn't even mind donating them to some type of organization. A lot of them have only been used a few times.

    Or is it a waste of time (ie not accepting used eyeshadows)?

    I really don't want to just throw them away. That feels so wasteful!
  2. Have you tried swapping on MUA or even just giving them away? I know all of us on the BB forum would love some new eyeshadows! I guess I don't think it's gross since it's just eyeshadow :smile: I'd accept and even have given my friends/sister eye shadows I no longer use :smile:
  3. ^^I think giving them away on the TPF would violate some of the rules?? I am not sure though??

    Swapping on MUA is a good idea. I am just so lazy -- that means I have to write down all the colors, etc etc -- and I probably have like 2-3 ziplocks of shadows and pigments I don't ever use!!
  4. You can do them as a RAOK, we had another member do something silimlar a month or two ago,any one that posted to the tread entered in a drawing and then like 3 people we choosen , the first person got first pick, the second got to choose two or three from the ones left and then the 3rd person left, received the remainder.
  5. If you don't want to trade them on MUA, then you could try craigslist, I've seen people try to give away empty pans for back to mac before. Then you can either sell them or give them away. Or, like clb posted, you could ROAK them away here on tpf. You couldn't try brining them in to get something new w/ B2M?
  6. Nah, you can give stuff away on tpf, just can't sell stuff unless you are on MP :biggrin:
  7. I had the same issue regarding a lot of used makeup that I do not use anymore. I gave away bunch of lightly used department brand makeup (i.e. eyeshadows, blushes, etc.) to family and friends. I tried listing some of my department brand BNIB makeup on eBay, and I got nothing, so it really is not worth the effort unless your makeup are limited edition or something. I ended up throwing away and giving away a bunch of makeup. As others have posted, I think swapping or RAOK-ing them would be a good avenue. If you want to give it away for free, there was a thread not too long ago on tPF that listed the freebie items and she gave them away on a first come, first serve basis. As long as you are not collecting any money for it, I do not think it is against forum rules. Mods, correct me if I am wrong.
  8. ^that's what I thought :smile:
  9. there have been giveaways in the beauty bar before. a wonderful tpf member gave away many lip products. i was one of the people to receive some mac and a chanel and it was really nice!
  10. What about the Back 2 MAC where you turn in 6 containers for a lipstick? That might be a cool idea. I haven't tried it yet (still collecting containers, lol), but I'm excited about it. And I've heard you can even get a new eyeshadow or lipglass too if you take the containers to an actual MAC store. Don't quote me on that though. I know you can get a lipstick for sure.
  11. ^^Hmm that is a good idea, too. I guess I would have to smash all of the eyeshadows out of the pans and bring them into a MAC store. I feel bad doing this, but I have just gone waaay too crazy (especially with some funky colors, like in the Barbie collection! LOL) with eyeshadows that I never use.
  12. haven't read through all of the posts yet, but would a local theatre or dance/performing group at a school/college want them?
  13. Oh yeah, I agree with the drawing idea. You can hold a drawing and give them away like the other member did. That was fun and I'm sure the winners were uber-excited.
  14. I don't even think you have to bother smashing the shadows out of the pans. They'll take your containers even if they still have product in them as far as I know. The last time I Back 2 Mac'd, some of my products weren't completely empty, and the MA didn't really look twice at them.
  15. Ok regarding the Back to MAC program --

    is it any type of MAC containers? Ie pigment pots, creme eyeshadow pots, blush containers? TIA!