Weird Question for Gaucho People

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  1. Ok... so I was all excited about getting my double white saddle bag today. Picked up the package from FEDEX. Opened the box and all that... and as I was swinging my nouveau gaucho around... there was this very strange smell. Was it me? No, it was my brand new bag and it has a funky smell to it like cow pee or something organic like that!!!

    Have any of you noticed an odd smell to the bag? I'm not sure whether I want to keep it with that weird smell!
  2. I noticed a smell too but to me it smelled kind of.... minty?! It was the darndest thing but I don't really notice it anymore. Either it faded after being out of the packaging or I just got used to it!
  3. yeah.....but it wasn't that bad...
  4. Ok... true... now that it's aired a little, it's a little less. I need to stick my nose on it for full effect. The boutique mailed to me and I don't think the bag has seen the light of day before.... but I ABSOLUTELY love it! love! love! love!!!

    I was just imagining that scene from Anchorman when that guy wears the panther cologne. "What is that smell? It smells like indian food in a used baby's diaper!"
  5. which color didyou get????
  6. I got the white double saddle. Apparently, they got only 7 of the white doubles at Beverly Dior. I was really stoked to get mine.. until the smell.
  7. I was wondering whether the burgundy one smells like a human liver on a rope? (credit to soybean). I don't know why this whole Gaucho frenzy is making me laugh!!!!!
  8. I'd guess that it is the dye in the leather. Definatley not cow pee. You would be able to tell if it was pee! Believe me I have unfortunatley smelled lots of different kinds of pee! You would know!!!

    That's kinda funny though.
  9. Omg... ha ha ha!!! :blink::huh::lol::lol::lol:
  10. lol i still can't get over the liver on a rope...the illustration was just too much...i laughed out loud. LOUDLY. i think i scared my boyfriend.

    hope the cow pee smell disipates!
  11. ahhhhh that almost freak me out !!!! no no no I need to get that image out of my head :Push:
  12. Personally, i'm grateful to Soybean, she saved me a fortune!!!! LOL:lol:
  13. yup i did notice a little bit of a smell to it, but i'm sure once you air it out a little, it won't be so bad.