Weird question about patent leather....

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  1. Does patent leather get "sticky" over time?????

    I've never owned anything patent leather until now. I just received my jumbo classic patent leather that I purchased last week from a seller and I noticed right away that it was really sticky. Almost like someone-spilled-juice-on it-and-didn't-clean-it-up kind of sticky. There's no signs of any spillage of some sort but the whole bag is really sticky! It's very strange! Is this suppose to happen to patent leather over time? Or did I buy a "defect"? :confused1: Other than it being sticky, it's a gorgeous bag.
  2. You know, now that you mention it, there was a thread either here or on another forum about sticky patent leather. The glue starts to break down over time, causing the stickiness. The reason the glue breaks down is due to how/where the bag is stored.

    If the search feature was working I would find the thread for you. You could also go here to find information about cleaning/restoring patent leather:
  3. Thanks Roey! I will look at the site. I wonder if I take it into Chanel, would they restore it somehow for me.
  4. Roey is right. Humidity can cause the glue to spoil and the patent leather will get sticky.

    I bought several older Chanel patent leather bags from sellers in Japan. They arrived sticky but I've noticed that over months, the stickiness has diminished. I live in LA -- which is not humid -- so I don't know if drying out helps.
  5. Hm. I have a patent leather jumbo as well as a patent luxury tote and I haven't had this problem. Here in Hawaii the climate is warm and only *sometimes* humid, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?

    I had no idea that the glue spoils on patent leather. Makes me a bit worried!
  6. Regina....I live in Florida and we are notorious for being humid....that's not good news for me. Yikes! :sad:
  7. ^ OT a little bit, handbag-ho, were you the one looking for the rock flap? i saw one in the new NM catalog if you are interested. I'll post the code for you if you like.
  8. I have a wonderful vintage patent bag, and I store it on a shelf in it's dustbag.

    Its very humid where I live 6-9 months of the year. No defects, stickiness, nada.

    BUT it's not Chanel. They must use a special glue.
  9. hmmmm. so does anyone know if Chanel can restore it to it's original condition then? I'm kind of not happy with this since the seller never disclosed this information. I've emailed her but still have not heard back from her.
  10. Okay, this may soon have to be moved to the ebay thread. I received an answer from the seller regarding the stickiness and this is what she said:

    HI~The bag is in very great condition,but the weather in Taiwan is very
    humid that's why patent leather sticky,but in US weather is dry,it is
    perfect weather to protect the patent leather,keep the bag in a dry
    place,thank you!!!!anymore question please email me.

    So does that mean that the stickiness will go away over time? I'm not very happy with this since it was never disclosed in the auction. Should I file a SNAD??
  11. I guess it all depends on what you are looking to get out of filing a SNAD. Do you want some type of refund or reimbursement? Does she have another bag just like the one she sold you? I would try to email her again to see if she would be willing to do something for you. I wouldn't hurt. :shrugs:
  12. I remember reading somewhere that Chanel does not refurbish patent leather, but not one hundred percent sure. Have felt patent bags where sticky, i always thought it was either age or mistreatment.....if you dare, take a white piece of towel or cloth, put a little bit of white clear vinegar on it and clean a small part of the inside part of the flap or some other area that is not visible, then dry the small area., wait till tomorrow and see. I know distilled white vinegar is recommended to clean patent but do not know if it would take the stickiness away.....Smooth mentioned non acetone nail polish remover, have never used this, but have used the vinegar to clean patent, and it worked. GL:heart:
  13. Habanerita, I am sooo tempted to try your suggestion but at the same time I am afraid that I may ruin the bag somehow. I guess the worse thing that could happen is that I will have a clean patent leather bag. I called a Chanel boutique and they said they have no idea if they will restore it or not. They weren't much of a help. The seller offered to refund me and I just may take her up on it ....even though I want to run to the store and buy some white vinegar and non acetone nail polish remover now. Thanks for all of your advices.
  14. Let us know what you decide.........I might take the refund!!!!!!:heart:H
  15. I tried vinegar and all sorts of remedies for patent leather...finally I contacted Chuck of Margaret's and he said it's hard to restore patent leather once it's spoiled. Basically there's a layer of film glued to leather. Once the glue goes bad .... well, you can see.

    I opted to keep my sticky patent leather bag and, as I said earlier, it seems less sticky.

    For anyone who doesn't know - Margaret's is another great purse repair shop in La Jolla. As good as lovinmybags, I think.