Weird question about bandeau on Speedy handles.

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  1. I was thinking of getting a bandeau for my speedy b 25 in azur. Do most people get two to do both handles? Would that be overkill? Or just one for one handle? I've seen it tied in a bow and it's adorable, I just wondered about the handle situation. TIA!
  2. Oh! Also- is there any chance of color transfer from the bandeau? I was thinking of the rock n roses bandeau which is really vibrant and wondered if it would affect my brand new vachetta. If it got wet or even dry if it would leave color transfer. Thanks!
  3. I am not sure about colour transfer but if your speedy is speedy b with a strap, you will have different patina between your handle and strap since you cover them up with bandeau. Other than that I personally would choose both handles wrapped because I don't want to end up with one handle have lighter patina than the other one.
  4. Not sure about colour transfer either, although I doubt it would get so soaking wet that this could actually occur.
    But just a thought: when you get sick of this wrapped handle look, because we all get sick of things, you will have two of the same bandeau's.
    I would stick with one and tie it in a bow!
  5. Yep, I think that's the best option. I really don't want one lighter than the other or lighter than the rest of the vachetta!
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