Weird price tag discrepancy?

  1. Just received what I think is the large cambon beige/black tote. The price was $1495 minus the 40% discount. That all makes sense.

    BUT ... why in the world does the price tag inside call it the small tote. Price is correct at $1495 and the numbers on the tag and authenticity card match.

    I didn't know if this was something to worry about, as I really like the bag, or just a weird sort of naming that Chanel is doing for the various sizes.

    Oh, another question ... I purchased a little pair of CC earrings with pearls and one of the pearls must have fallen out in transit. Will Chanel fix this or be able to find another pair and let me do an even exchange? I don't want to lose my discount that I received on these.
  2. They may have just put the wrong tag on the bag. If you can take a picture of your bag and post someone can verify that it is the large bag for that piece of mind.

    If you take the earrings back to the store, they will get them fixed for you.

    Good Luck!!!!!!
  3. Did you get them from a Chanel boutique store? Thought the sale won't start until 6/6. Thanks alot!
  4. I got my Chanel items on sale from Saks in Bev. Hills. I did a presale with them last week over the phone.
  5. Okie dokie folks, I took some pictures and I'm somehow coming to the conclusion that I paid too much for the medium tote, when what I thought I had ordered was the large. I can see with the $1495 how the sales person got confused, but now I'm kinda mad and trying to figure out whether or not to keep.

    The tag makes no sense at all to me and I don't know how I can prove to a Saks sales person that they gave me the wrong one with this crazy price tag.

    My pics:

    Picture from forum comparing sizes:
  6. ^^^they charged you for the LARGE tote and gave you the medium which is like 1200 something. u NEED to tell them they messed up.
  7. is there a smaller size of that bag? and how does it cost? thanks!!!

  8. :rant: :censor: Ahhh. I knew that I was feeling oddly about the size as soon as I saw it. I ordered from the Bev. Hills Saks, but I am going to take it into the Saks closer to me and explain what has gone on. I definitely don't want to have paid that much for that size bag. :mad:
  9. yeah, the LARGE tote which is 1495.00 is the one thats on the RIGHT in that pic. The one they sent u is the middle (medium)of the three sizes which is 1295.00 if im not mistaken. so they overchaged you $200.00 :sad:
  10. And I had really wanted the large, but honestly, the size is pretty good with the medium. I still need to try my things in it, but I need them to try to reimburse me for the extra charged. If they won't, I really don't think I could keep it knowing that I paid that much extra.

    The authentification thread said that if it has the cellphone pocket, it is the large. I need to inspect my bag further, but it does have that pocket.

    Confusion. Confusion. Confusion.