Weird places your cat sleeps.


Jan 13, 2010
Peterborough, ON
Thinking about my fat cat again and the others...sooo funny where they decide to sleep!!

~ in the sink
~ by drafty window in the winter
~ on my chest when I'm sleeping
~ one will sleep on a chair as soon as you get up
~ beside the bath tub
~ all 3 sleep in the bed together


goddess of suburbia
Dec 20, 2006
between BF and me
in top of my head (purring loudly)
sometimes in the window sill
used to sleep in top of my old mac HD...not happy with the laptop now!
with DS,next to his head (so she can groom him)
under the table (with 4 paws up in the air)
hiding next to DD (easy to spot with the 4 paws up in the air)
on the chair in front of the computer
under this made up bench in the balcony,luna usually sleeps on top
next to me or DS

my old cat, abraxas, used ot sleep in top of our dog!

Lady Stardust

Je m'en foutiste
Nov 28, 2009
Kitties are so weird lol. My boy sleeps on my mom's pillows or on this one chair in the kitchen, he likes his usual areas. My girl likes our lounge chair and anything that's mine (my clothes, my boots, my bags) she'll lay next to or on top of. She also likes to nap with me when I nap. One day I was so tired after a huge party I just slept and slept and Spotsy came in bed with me and snuggled next to me and the two of us were so passed out that when I woke up I realized I had been laying on her little leg all day! lol
Sep 7, 2008
The more uncomfortable it looks to us, the more kitty will love it. My cats will squeeze into pots, boxes or containers that they're way too small for, and sleep on things that are sharp and must be uncomfortable, but they seem to love it. Let's face it, "cats iz weird".
Jul 2, 2007
We've had temperatures in the high 30s here [Celsius] and one day when it was 40 or above, she went and sat in my backyard which is like an oven. True it was in the shade but it was MUCH cooler indoors.

And these days she likes my laptop which I'm guessing is because of the heat radiating from it. Remember we're in summer here...

My cat Kobe who died recently used to love opening my kitchen cupboards and sitting in there.

Cats are very strange creatures.


Jun 4, 2007
i have a couple of cats that love sleeping in my bathroom sink and sometimes even the bath tub. one has taken up jumping into one of my bathroom cupboards because it goes really far back (that i can't reach) so it's empty back there. that cupboards opening used to be so stuffed full i have no idea how he managed to get back there without knocking everything out.

another one of my cats loves to sleep on my shoes. if i have a shoe laying in the middle of the floor....with nothing else around it... she will go lay on it.

i also have a little cubby area in my kitchen, it's below one set of cupboards because there's a heater vent there. i will put boxes of pop cans there but leave a little area clear of the heater vent. my cats will squeeze in there and nap so that they're nice and toasty.

Mrs. SR

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Jul 27, 2009
My cat loves to sleep in the bathroom sink too.... She will also squeeze into the tiniest opening of a drawer and hang out in the drawer.... Sometimes she will sit in a wicker trash can that is about half her size. Don't know how she does it.


Nov 26, 2008
East Yorkshire, UK
My kitty likes to sleep on the windowsill, but it's one of those really tiny ones so she doesn't quite fit on. To compensate she dangles her feet off the side which nicely sit just above the radiator. Guess it doubles up as a foot warmer as well as a place to sleep lol. I'll see if I can get a picture some time.


Apr 3, 2008
Bay Area, CA
My Stitch loves my space heater and I have a sheep skin rug right next to it so its perfect for him. I think it reminds him of another cat. I love it when it massages it right before laying down next to it. :P

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Jun 4, 2007
here's my kitty in the cupboard. sleeping with my towels! (thankfully the ones in the back do not get used)



Apr 26, 2007
One of our cats Cody loves sleeping on shoes too! It's like shoes are magnets. The instant someone takes off their shoes, he's on 'em. DH got a new computer keyboard, and Cody loves the top of the box it came in. We have kept this box on top of a bench for months now because he curls up in it several times a day. I also have an old wicker magazine rack I was going to throw away, until Cody took it over. One of his favorite places to sleep is on top of a 20 pound dumbbell we use to keep a closet door shut at night, lest he wedge the door open and sleep on shoes. He will lie on this uncomfortable metal weight for hours!

I swear our other cat Cubby knows I'm pregnant, because he has just recently started curling up on my hip. When I'm lying in bed, he will come and lie next to me and use my hip as a pillow. I think he knows baby is in there! His other favorite place to sleep is under the spare bed, which he has ripped all the fabric out from the underside of the box spring and climbs up in there. I hate that both of our beds are ruined by the cats, but there's no stopping it. Unless we got platform bed frames, which I am seriously considering when we move!