Weird pet habits

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  1. I just got my pet barely a hear ago, and rainy season just started. I just found out the my dog will not step on wet ground, EVER! What weird habits do you pets have?
  2. One of mine won't step on wet grass or ground either! Another one of my dogs hides from his breakfast and dinner. When he sees me preparing his meals he runs! Eventually, sometimes hours later, he gets around to eating.

    What a nut!
  3. Hahaha, maybe he is afraid of a snack attack???? :roflmfao:
  4. My cat chews on her nipples :shrugs:
  5. Our Chi hates wet ground and he also hates when it's cold. When it drops below 60 degrees he acts like he's in Alaska. LOL Of course I have a large wardrobe for him. :smile:

    My Yorkie has kind of a weird habit... she seems to follow some invisible path through our backyard. When you call her she always walks the same path even when it would be quicker to just walk straight. LOL Dork!
  6. My Aussie hates it when our older dog barks or when he takes her toy so to stop him she humps's so embarrassing and we've tried to get her not to but she just does it.
    So weird..but funny at times..even the trainer at puppy school was confused.
  7. 1. When it used to thunderstorm out side, my old dog would hide in my parents' walk in closet.
    2. Bear used to back up onto the couch so his butt and back legs were on the sofa, but his two front legs were on the ground. He would watch TV with us.
    3. He had is spot on the sofa. If anybody sat in that spot, he would come and poke his nose at the person and attempt to sit on them, lmao..
  8. As soon as my female doxie sees me grab leashes she makes a dash to her water bowl and drinks drinks drinks, no joke sometimes for 3-4 minutes. It is hysterical, but odd.
  9. My Leeloo won't go to the bathroom outside when it's wet...
  10. :lol: Maybe she's gearing up for a long walk... afraid she'll get thirsty half way thru! LOL
  11. Any pet psychologists in this forum???? Our pets really have issues! :roflmfao:
  12. My dog eats her own tail. She had to have part of it amputated when she was really young because she chewed it up so badly. Now she is at it again and I'm trying to stop her.

    She digs at the couch. My sofa is ruined.

    She grunts and makes the funniest noises I've ever heard a dog make.

    She doesn't like toys but she likes to nibble on clothing, sheets, any kind of fabric. She does chew it and cause damage, just pulls a little piece and nibbles very lightly.
  13. My Clarence (in avatar) puts all his favorite toys---hair elastics and strips of fur from my Grandmother's mink coat--in his foodbowl when he is finished playing with them.
  14. Lulu (Lucy), well it's not a weird habit but just she something loves to do, she plays with her kennel door. She will sit there hours on end and just hit the door and watch it swing open and close and open and close, and she'll just sit there like a robot and just hit, hit, hit, open, close, open, close. She loves it!
  15. Haha. Thanks for making me laugh! i just read that other post about the sad poem of a dog in the pound and this thread helped cheer me up!!

    My dog, who is an Alaskan Malamute called Sasha has always been afraid of new people. When new people come over she runs circles around the table until they leave. It can get very annoying:confused1: