Weird new hair texture!

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  1. I was at the salon 3 weeks ago getting my color changed from a light warm brown to a deep brown with a plum undertone and the stylist noticed that I had a section of hair that was really coarse and rough that we both hadn't noticed before and she thought it was strange.

    Anyways the plum faded to a really warm red within a week so she had me back in to put a flat brown color on top of it to counter the warmth.
    As she was washing my hair she noticed this little section of textured hair again and couldn't understand why it was there.
    As she blow dried it she showed me exactly what she was looking at and explained it looked like it had been chemically relaxed and had this weird crimped, coarse look about it and it's extremely dry.

    I've washed my hair tonight (first time since my stylist did it) and it's worse, it's probably only an inch wide section but it's really close to the parting so it's really visible and so coarse it's like wire.
    It's not stretchy wile wet but rather weak to the point were I cut a strand off and managed to break it effortlessly in 4 pieces, so I'm thinking it's rather brittle.

    Could it be because I did a protein treatment before both colors and my stylist used one too the first time she colored it or could it be because I had previously (as in 2 month ago) colored my hair with L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss and she uses Wella Proffessional? Could the two different brands react to each other and if so why is it only happening to one section?

    I've also had hi-lights in the past but I think most of those have since grown out.

    How do I get it back to normal? I'm thinking moisture so I've put a little coconut oil in my damp hair and I'm gonna let it dry naturally.

    Help please.
  2. Talk to a professional about your concerns. Show your hairdresser again and ask her about it. If she doesn't know, then someone else at the salon may. Good luck with it and let us know how things go.
  3. My stylist has already asked the opinion of two other stylist and neither one could come up with an answer, it's odd because it's suddenly there and only in one spot, not all over.
  4. Maybe try Googling the problem, or even posting on a hair forum. You never know, you may find it happens to other people too. It certainly sounds like a bit of an unusual problem, so best of luck with finding an answer.
  5. ^ita I've never heard of that
  6. I have a few strands that are crinkly and weird, but nothing like what you're talking about. Is it possible that you burned that section with a flatiron or something? Does the weird texture go all the way to the roots?
  7. i have this too. i can feel one every now and then if i put my fingers thru my hair. so weird!
  8. I've googled the problem and found nothing really so I'm stumped.
    It's not all the way to the roots it's starts maybe an inch down from the roots which is even weirder cause I would not have been able to get the straighteners that close to the root so I don't think it's heat damage.

    Washed it again tonight and did a moisture treatment and it looks and feels worse, I've put loads of leave in conditioner and serum and I'm hoping it will look okay by morning.
  9. Try Bumble and Bumble damage therapy conditioner..I had this happen once whn a colorist FRIED one part by leaving it on too long....

    Its damaged hair..u need to grow it out.Just use realllly good product.I swear by the B and B.My hair looks amazing with it,and mine is damaged
  10. Hm, I too have some hairs that are like that, but not whole strands. And also, mine have always been like that. Some hairs are so thick and extremely coarse they look like a horse's tail hairs to me :confused1: