Weird Movie Habits and Chanel Flap Bags

  1. I'm so done in from hanging at tPF the past year or so. For whatever reason, I've lately watched several movies filmed in the 90's. In days gone by I'd have never noticed the handbags. Just recently I watched The Banger Sisters (dumb movie, but I was bored). I noticed a medium Chanel flap hanging off Susan Sarandon. Earlier this week there was another Susan Sarandon movie called Anywhere But Here, SEVERAL Chanel flaps in different sizes, colors and leathers. Last night I watched Father of the Bride to see a beige colored medium flap hanging off Diane Keaton's shoulder in several shots.

    I'm missing half the movies I watch now craning my neck to see what's hanging off the actresses shoulders! It's all tPF's fault!! :blah:

    Anyone else find themselves doing this?
  2. Yes, I totally do this now too!
  3. I'll have to keep an eye out--I hadn't noticed!
  4. it's funny to go to the movies and loose track of the plot because I am watching the handbags, I do this too.
  5. lol yes... i was watching this old spoof of casino royale and noticed that james bond's daughter had a beautiful red medium classic flap on.
  6. haha you ladies are soo funny!! i notice some handbags also but it hasn't gotten to the point where i completely miss the plot yet!! haha
  7. Oh my gosh, and in is bad, but I am always checking out peoples bags. Sometimes really staring to figure out what kind it is:smile:
  8. Is there a list of movies with chanel bags in them?
  9. Movies that I'm seeing for the second time, I'm noticing bags that I never noticed before. I'm always taking notice in stores, etc. too. I know tPF is the reason for sure.
  10. We should totally make one!
  11. ^^^Well, we can definitely start with my three! ;)
  12. I am glad I am not the only one doing this 'bag analysis' during a movie or TV show, I caught myself doing it a couple of times recently!! and then I lose my place in the show! :nogood:
  13. LOL I'm SO glad to hear that I'm not the only crazy person doing this! I confess I'm guilty of doing this in real life, in addition to movies, TV shows, magazines (not just fashion magazines)...This wonderful forum has heightened my fascination with handbags to borderline obsession :tpfrox:
  14. Hm, does TV count? I can think of several sex and the city episodes.
  15. i've seen all of those movies lots of times and i've never noticed lol