1. I got my Mirage speedy and it came with 2 sets of locks and keys...why is that???LOL?Selenas did too?Weird...anyone else?

    I think its a TDF bag but Im finding it not as smushy as my DAMIER speedy was.Its structured which is something Im NOT liking.....What do all u Mirage gals think of this?
    Im conflicted as to whether I should keep.Kinda a bad week here so Im not sure if its just me and I need to wait it out..LMAO..and see if I love it next week??HEHE
  2. congrats jill! its tdf :smile:
  3. Jill, You really do get all the best bags! I am a structured bag this is wonderful news for me! I would say go with your first instinct...they are always right. The bag goes back!
  4. I would just wait it out for a bit then make a decision :smile: If it's not your kinda bag then it's not for youuu ! :smile: Could always exchange it??
  5. The 2 lock thing is odd .. I don't have the bag so dunno.
    I'm a firm believer in following your gut - if the bag doesn't speak to you back it goes!:crybaby:
  6. If you don't love it don't keep it. Hope next week will be better for you.
  7. I had a thread in the shopping area about how i was going to pass on the mirage because i couldnt justify the money right now. well my SA sent it out to me before i called to tell her i didnt want it and it came yesterday. i knew i needed to send it back but i just HAD to look at it first.

    Mine had two locks also, i thought it was really weird that maybe the SA had made a mistake. I am very glad i looked at it becuase.....i didnt like it very much! i agree, i thought it was too structured and although it is a very cool bag i just didnt LOVE now i have NO regrets in returning it! shes going back today so someone else can love her.
  8. are the locks the same?
  9. ^actually the locks have diff numbers on them....I just looked,they both have the keys too
  10. sorry I ment same style there not two different colours/styles to match the bag depending on which you like best?
  11. If you're not in love, Jill.....don't keep it. You have so many beautiful bags! I know what you mean about the mirage. It is structured. I'm used to the speedy being slouchy. I haven't used mine yet, so I don't know how I'll feel about it. I love the look of it, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it.
  12. The bag is fabulous- and I wonder why it came with two locks.......

    My confusion is - how do they stay soooo structured? It would bother me too- I love a saggy Speedy 30.....
  13. mine came with two locks too..... hmm. maybe its b/c they are polished brass? they may tarnish? i dunno. and yes this bag is def more structured than canvas speedies. i personally love it. it holds its shape, and with this bags detail i think it needs it.
  14. I just got my bordeaux mirage this morning and I was hoping I wasn't in love, but I am!

    I think it doesn't sag due to the interior lining adding extra support. The traditional speedy just has the canvas, no lining per se. It's more like the MC speedy with the alcantara lining. It just adds more support.
  15. I have the bordeaux Speedy and mine only came with one set of lock and keys. Now I'm thinking where my second set is! lol Are the locks the same color?? If not, I want my second set!

    I love that this Speedy is structured. I do not like saggy Speedies at all, at least on me, so this is the perfect Speedy.

    Good luck, Jill!