Weird message I received today...

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  1. I don't know what is this but somebody from eBay e-mail me this message. Is kind of weird. Somebody here received something like this before?

    I noticed you bought a coach bag, I am concerned about authenticity, since I live close to NYC and Canal St can have pretty close reproductions. If you take it to a coach store or online is there a way to tell it is the real deal. Hope you can help bidding ends in 8 hours. Lisa

  2. weird........ I would report it to ebay. It doesn't make sense either!
  3. I have messaged people who were bidding on fake bags and told them they were fake. I've had everyone that I've messaged thank me. It sounds like she is asking you if you can authenticate the bag you bought and tell her if it's real. She may be comparing it to the one she's bidding on. Lil' confusing though!
  4. If you answer her question you can hide your email addy from her, so I don't see any harm in helping her. It sounds like she may have been a bidder on an auction you won and figured she could ask you if you could help. If it were me, I would message her back and tell her that she should be able to get it authenticated at a Coach store. Seems harmless to me. That is just what I would do.
  5. Hee hee, me too!!! I emailed this one lady who was so disappointed. She thanked me and we then reported it before it ended. She ended up not having to pay for it. :yahoo:
  6. Well, I just respond her message. I told her she can e-mail me a picture of the bag for take a look. This is one of the reasons because I love TPF, because I can get a lot of help with the authenticity of a bag. She need to join this forum!!!
  7. You should point her to the authentication forums here! They are life savers.
  8. Why report an innocent question like that? There is no need to. It makes sense though, and im glad that you responded to her!
  9. I agree with her.. This is exactly what I was thinking... that or just a crazy person..

  10. Technically this is against Ebay policy to contact a buyer. However... the truth is Ebay does nothing to stop it, and it's hard to get fake listings pulled unless a lot of people report it. I would love to contact buyers who are bidding on fakes, but I am a power seller so I don't risk doing this. Nothing I report ever gets pulled, though! I'm not sure if I understand whether this person was warning you or trying to tell whether hers is fake, but I would recommend she take it to a Coach store (if she's already won it and can't cancel the trans.), or cancel her bid on the item. For immediate service she can try to contact the online chat feature, and they will give her the links to properly report the auction as a possible fake. Under all circumstances, I would recommend she try to NOT pay before she's sure it's auth and/or not a hijacked listing. The reason is I once purchased a bag that was a total fake listing that even Ebay pulled within a few hours...but I already paid. It took at least 2 months to get my money back, and I was told I was lucky to get it back.

  11. Yes, she might be bidding on the same style bag you won, and want your advice whether hers is real.

  12. Sorry, I just saw this particular post. I now understand. One point I want to make here is that many pics are stolen, and some of the listings are actual fakes...meaning there's no bag at all, or what you will get is a fake. So you can't really be certain that what you evaluate from pics will be the actual item that's sent. I would look at the seller history as well as report this as a possible account takeover if you have any reason to suspect that it is (i.e. seller has not sold any Coach or sold anything in a few months). When hackers get the accounts, they usually post many listings all at once, and then take whatever money they get from them and "run". That's what happened to me when I was scammed...the photos were stolen, and Ebay realized it and pulled the listing. But what showed up on my doorstep was a fake bag, so the initial paypal claim was cancelled and I lost. I had to refile under counterfeit bag (not as described), and waited two months for a resolution.

    There might be a reason she's so warn her to look at all possible aspects. She can also contact the seller...many hackers do not respond to questions at all, or the responses come frome weird email accounts....and the paypal account is different and odd compared to the Ebay address and email.

    Good luck! It's very nice of you to take the time to try to help her!
  13. I meant it doesn't make sense from her wording. Like she is rambling or something. Some parts sounds like she is questioning her own bag and some sounds like she is questioning the TPF'ers. Ya know. Thats what I meant when I said it doesn't make sense.
  14. The wording is weird but what I get from it is she knows you bought an authentic one of the same type or atleast a Coach and she wants you to help her out and see if the one she is bidding on or wants to bid on is real.. Different, but I guess take it as a compliment. :shrugs: You can choose to ignore or reply.. and if you look at her feedback that should help you know more about her intentions too. :yes:
  15. From reading the message, English might not be her first language which would explain the odd wording. I think trying to help but hiding you addy is the good way to go - you risk nothing and do a good thing if the person is legit.