weird link appearing at the end of posts

  1. I seem to have a problem with a weird link appearing at the end of my posts. I have no idea where the link came from or what is causing it to appear.

    Can some help? ;)
  2. Is that your signature?
  3. It's not on any of my posts.
  4. Maybe it is your signature? I don't see it appearing on mine....
  5. A case of spyware installed on your computer, I am afraid. Download and run Spybot, that should take care of it.
  6. Yep... hope that gets fixed. No one clickey!
  7. Its definitely not my signature ,checked that out prior to posting help thread. I did however download spybot and found many viruses and trojans on my laptop, so hopefully that will get rid of the problem.

    My company had some anti-virus software loaded, but it looks like it didn't help.

    So here goes for my first post since the link hopefully it works!
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  8. nope still appearing.. can you guys see it too? I deleted all my cookies and temp files as well, but that didn't seem to help.

    The link first appeared after I did a "hi and welcome" to one of the new members....
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  9. and as quickly as it arrived, it has disappeared.... have no idea it happened or how its gone... but thankful the link that made me look like I was promoting something has gone!!!!
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  10. I censored the link for you, no need to send them traffic. You may want to try to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox, that may help the problem.
  11. Thanks Vlad. I will try that. Thanks for censoring the link. I was concerned as people would think I am trying to sell something illegally :smile:. I'll have my IT boys have a look at it today..

    I'll also try firefox and see how I go (I work for an open source org and they have been trying to get me to use Firefox for the last 2 years now withouth fail - if I do, you will have to take the credit!)
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  12. My best guess would be that you got some sort of nasty spyware that automatically inserts that spam link every time you post. Firefox shouldn't have this problem, especially not with a fresh install. Let me know how it goes.