weird lilac fendi

  1. [​IMG]

    I don't dig the squatty look, but the color is pretty.
  2. Hahaha it look like a little turtle!!!!
  3. Lmbo!! The bag would be a lot cuter w/out those knots!
  4. it looks like someone's bag ripped and to hold all their stuff they tied the corners up boy scout style... but i am a fan of the purple
  5. :weird: it does look like a turtle! if they took off the fendi circle and added a dangling turtle would be grotesque to say the least.

    reminds me a little of those old school running away from home, packing up and moving kind of bags where kids or country farmers would pack stuff up in a bandana and tie it to a stick and carry it over their shoulder. now there's an awkward handbag design.
  6. :lol:
  7. I also love the color and it's all puffy so cute!
  8. lmbo! you're so right!! :lol:
  9. It reminds me of a knotted t-shirt from the '80s.
  10. actually it looks like a just-born baby :P
  11. Kind of a gross analogy but yea, it works! LOL! Looks like someone just used a pillow case and tied it in knots and slapped the Fendi tag on it.
  12. :lol: cant get enough of reading views here!
    i'd give design -1 :huh: !! while color just above zero!!:cry:
    sorry i didnt like it at all :sad:
  13. The color is amazing but the bag could definately do without those silly knots on the ends. What material is the bag?
  14. it's all leather, I found it on
  15. I really like the colour, but it just kind of looks like a purple coloured potato sack. I don't think I'm really down with the hobo-chic.