Weird Leather color on brand new Meredith's

  1. Ok. I keep running into Kooba's everywhere! I've been lusting after a black Meredith at Nordstrom's but today I saw a light gray and a light brown Meredith and BOTH were horribly discolored!

    The gray one was beautiful when I picked it up and then when I opened the flap, the whole top piece had discolored to the point of being purple. The inside was still a pale gray. Then the brown Meredith was discolored on the sides and on the bottom.

    We were wondering if the lights in the store could have caused this or is it a batch of bad leather? Nordstrom's has some displays lit from beneath which could have caused the light brown one to discolor on the bottom. The gray Meredith's entire front panel was a different color than the inside.

    It was a shame to see such beautiful bags ruined by what appeared to be lights?

    Has anyone else seen this with their bags?

    I offered to buy the Gray Meredith for $100 since it was damaged but they didn't take me up on my offer!!! :smile:
  2. Hmm...hope it doesn't happen to my brown Carla! I just treated and conditioned it the other day. I may call Kooba about this next week.
  3. i think it def has to do with lighting and how delicate the leather is i have read all these threads of people having discoloration on their merediths in slate but i have one that i used ALL summer without fail and it has no discoloration at all

    BUT i treated it with wilsons HEAVILY before i used it and i think that made a difference,,,