Weird Indecisive

  1. Remember how I bought the CABAS GM cruise bag.....well it was the very first bag I ever returned to LV.Then for the last month..I couldnt STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!LOL!
    I tucked my tail between my legs and got it today..YES..The LV manager must think Im a whacko....heehee....but originally I thought it was too big.Then I realized even if it was..I could use a decent carry on type bag.
    I saw the heart pouches..really cute..But passed as nothing could fit into one(Like a credit card!)
    And I have to say I liked the Black leather rivet bag..BUT it was too small for me.Im getting the Mono rivet on Feb hoping I love it once I see it in IRL
    Anyway...This was actually my very first return and re-buy at LV...HEEHEE..Im in love with the bag all over again.:heart:
    The manager said he got like 20 boxes in Ill be making a trip to the store at K of P next week to see all the new goodies!
  2. Congrats on your "new" bag. I hope there are some great goodies in those boxes.
  3. lol. I'm glad you got the Cabas GM bag back... it's HOT!

    As for the Lambskin Rivets bag... black is the only color I like in this bag... white looks too "ehh...." and the Monogram Canvas Rivets bag looks too cheap, IMO.
  4. I havent actually seen the MONO rivet IRL..its killing me..IM DYING to see it! I liked the look book pics of it though..we shall see!HEEHEE!
  5. First Prada, now LV- Jill, you gotta let us beat you at something- lol :roflmfao: Congrats on your new purchase-it's a beauty!
  6. I saw the rivets mono today, and I was not impressed...I loved the pockets, but the rivets and the stitching was too much for me.

    I am glad you got the cabas raye,

    Don't worry, I am fickle too. 2 days ago I was sure I wanted the Stephan, yesterday, not after seeing it, I said absolutly not!
  7. congrats on your new bag! it's gorgeous!
  8. Haha, you really know you need a bag if you buy it twice! Congrats, it's a stunner!
  9. Lol congrats! It's a good thing they still had one for you!
  10. Congrats on having the bag back! I have to say, I really love that bag.
  11. congrats! lovely bag!
  12. Didn't we say the Cabas look great on you when you had it, grrl???:p
    Well, I'm glad they had another one for you at the store. Congrats!:love:
  13. hehe congrats!!
  14. Congrats! Glad you got your baby back.
  15. yay!! at least now you know you truly love the bag!!! Congrats!!