Weird How Decisions You Make Influence Other Things, Saved A Dog's Life Tonight!

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  1. It really is strange how you are almost meant to be in a certain place at a certain time.
    Several things conspired to have my son & I in a position to save a badly injured dogs life tonight!

    1. DS was supposed to go to a visiting circus with a friend,
    2.. The friend cancelled, work commitments.
    3. I thought about going to Mums, wasn't going to go
    4. DS said he would come also as not going to circus, so I went
    5. Would usually come home another road but made a detour as son wanted to go out an obscure road to see if any land for sale. I really wanted to go the straight road home as I was hungry but didn't say anything.

    Just amazing how decisions that you make & turns that you take influence things.
    You are probably thinking that this is irrelevant twaddle but I was just so glad that I was on that road at that time.

    We were driving along when we saw 2 cars stopped & a dog lying on the road. I saw blood & felt ill. I stopped of course as I had vets number in cell phone & couldn't have passed it anyway without trying to help!
    DS ran over, I did not want to see the dog, I cannot bear an animal suffering.
    Anyway the men standing there were going to get a club hammer & kill the dog to put it out of misery OMG!!!!!

    DS called the vet & as we know them well, they got us one out of hours! Well the big cowards of men were afraid & wouldn't even help DS lift him into my car!
    I flew to the Vets, about 2-3 miles with DS comforting the poor dog, his crying was really killing me!
    Poor thing relaxed when he got a high dose of pain killers, vet gave him a warm drip to rehydrate, didn't think anything was broken but he may have internal bleeding.
    She made him comfortable with blankets & we will call in the am! Has to assess him in am to see what's to be done! A beautiful young black labrador!

    A young boy on the scene said he knew the owners but it was near a housing estate which is quite poor & perhaps these people won't claim the dog because of expense! & so you know that if he survives I will be acquiring a new friend!!!

    I am hoping the dog will have survived but you never know what the outcome will be in a case like this. Either way at least we were on hand to save him from a horrible fate & if he does die it will be humanely & pain free!

    Good thoughts for this poor animal please, he suffered so much lying on that road, my heart bleeds for him! His howling haunts me! Hoping that this will have a happy ending but having mixed feelings whether or not he should be reunited with owners who let him loose on the roads :sad:
  2. OMG! you did such a great deed helping that poor Lab. Those men in the road make me so angry. It's like have some common sense and call a health professional. I really hope the Lab heals and then you'll have a new friend =)
  3. You are that dog's angel! I will be sending good thoughts for this little guy all night! Ya'll definitely were in the right place at the right time. I can't believe they were going to use a hammer....but the main thing is that you and your DS no doubt saved that poor dog from even more pain. Please keep us updated on this poor doggies condition :hugs:Hugs to you. You did a great thing for that pup and I know he's grateful to you and DS for giving him a chance at life. :heart:
  4. The world needs more people like you and your DS Roz, Bless you. Your new friend will be in my thoughts, I hope so much that he pulls through. :hugs:
  5. Good for you, Roz!

    Those jerks! It's not up to them whether or not the dog is going to make it, it's up to the vet! (And if they decide to put the poor thing to sleep, which I'm praying they don't, they'd use a much more humane method.)
  6. Thank you for helping this dog :flowers: I really hope the Lab gets better! Please keep us posted.
  7. Yay Roz and Roz's DS!! So glad you were there to save the Lab's are a very special person. I'm sending positive thoughts your way....please keep us posted.
  8. Praying that the dog will pull through.
  9. Aww guys, I am crying right now!

    I have to admit I had a bad feeling, I knew it was bad, in fact I really expected the vet to euthanise him last night. I just got some hope when she said he might have a chance.

    I couldn't bring myself to lift the phone this morning but I just did! I got speaking with the vet she said no improvement whatsoever. She thinks internal bleeding & a neck injury! Not reacting at all!
    She really wants to euthanise him but owners haven't showed up. Perhaps they don't even know, sad if that's the case!
    I told her I would make that decision if she wanted, I would not want this poor animal to suffer anymore but she said he is on heavy meds, not in any pain. She will give him until tomorrow morning then make a decision to euthanise!
    So sad, a beautiful young labrador! If I knew who hit him & left him I really would do damage :cursing: of course perhaps it was one of the guys that was there & he just wasn't saying. Well if it was at least he stopped! He must have been flying, it is a straight wide road with good visibility!

    Anyway thanks for all your thoughts & prayers for this dog, I will keep praying today, you never know maybe tomorrow there will be some sign of improvement! If not then he will no longer be in any misery!

    Lovely sunny day here today but now I just feel gloomy & miserable!

    Such a horrible outcome! :sad:
  10. :crybaby:That poor baby. At least he is not in any pain. I still will be praying for his recovery, you never know he could still pull through this! Sending all my good thoughts and prayers to this little guy! :hugs:
  11. Thanks Sooner, I hope he is not in any pain. I know they have given him meds but how do we know how the poor guy feels! :sad:

    If there is no hope in a way I wish it had been done today but well where there's life there's hope so you never know maybe tomorrow when he is well over the shock there could be an improvement, we can only hope! I love this little guy already!
  12. You did a wonderful thing no matter the outcome. You are truely an angel to that dog. Either he will pull through or they will help him to the Bridge. Either way he will not have to suffer and die in the street. Praying he pulls through.
  13. You are such an angel for this puppy. No matter what happens, he will have been loved and cared for in his final moments because of you. At least he will go with dignity not on the side of the road. Your loving hands and willingness to help him put his poor little soul at ease.......I am so sorry :crybaby:
  14. Aww, poor guy. But thank you so much for caring about him and helping him out. Even if he doesn't pull through, he will be surrounded by people that care and he will be given a humane end. So much better than what his other option would have been! I'll keep my finger crossed, please keep us updated. :flowers:
  15. Thanks all, I wish I could change the thread title, feel like a bit of a hypocrite now as it doesn't look like he is going to make it :sad: