Weird horizontal line?

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  1. Maybe this is a stuffing issue as I don't stuff my bags... but I've noticed in my two beloved Birkins that there's a weird horizontal line in the back, just where the sharp edges of the handles end. It sags down a bit too. As I've had my raisin longer, the effect is much more pronounced. The line is only just starting to form in my black togo. Remedies? Causes?
  2. Can you post a photo or photos?
  3. Is that coming from the inside zipper? Is there something in the pocket pulling down the pocket and zipper?
  4. could you store them on their sides with a little padding ? Just a guess, (full disclaimer: I am a relative newbie and don;t have a birkin) Or ask Docride? Hope it turns out okay!
  5. When you store your bags are they upright? If yes and you are not stuffing the bags, perhaps the weight of the handles is causing this line. Also, how do you usually wear your birkin? All closed up, flap in and both staps buckled, or completely open? If you wear is flap in and both straps buckled and tend to go into your bag without unstrapping, you can develop a horizontal line from trying to get into the bag. I have noticed this in the past.
  6. Pictures would really help here.....
  7. Photos would help - but it does sound like its is the way the bags are stored and how they are leaning. I am sure if you analyze the way they are stored - what position they are in - what areas are under pressure - you will very quickly resolve the issue by changing the position, or modifying it with padding or stuffing of some sort.