Weird Hobo Question...Need Help/Opinions!

  1. Ok, this is probably a weird, paranoid question, but here goes:

    I recently purchased two giant Hobos - a Plomb GH from NM and a Anthra GH from Aloha Rag (I'm only keeping one, not sure which yet though I must admit I'm not leaning toward the one that I though I would be! - I'll post pics of both no matter which I choose!) I don't really doubt the authenticity because every other aspect about the bag checks out, including the gorgeous leather, but the handle on the plomb is different from any other giant hardware handle that I've ever seen IRL.

    What do guys think? Is this normal? The plomb is on the right and Anthra is on the left for comparison in the first two pics, Anthra is on the bottom and plomb is on the top in the last pic. Does anyone else even see a difference, or am I just :nuts:?

    Hobo Handle Comparison.jpg

    Hobo Handle Comparison_2.jpg

    Hobo Handle Comparison_3.jpg

    Sorry about the messy bathroom in the background!!
  2. Hmm, is it that the plomb handle looks smaller? at first I thought maybe it was the angle, but if you look, the stitching looks larger and closer together on the plomb handle. I know they use plastic tubing inside the handle to give it shape and structure, maybe a smaller tube was used on your plomb handle??

    Can't wait to see pics of your bags!! :smile:
  3. if you didn't point anything out, i won't have noticed. what did you see, btw? i don't think i can spot any major diff ;)
  4. It's definitely not a major difference, really just my paranoia getting the best of me :shame:, but the handle on the plomb looks kind of "squished" and "puffy," for lack of a better word, in the area where is the rope is and the stitching does seem slightly closer together, as sunny mentioned. I don't know, I'm having such a tough time making a decision (what's new :rolleyes:!) that maybe I'm just trying to find flaws? I guess I was hoping that if I could get some reassure that this was still normal for a GH bag that it might make my decision a little easier since I've kind of been leaning toward the plomb. But, the Anthra is so gorgeous too, though...:hysteric:!!!
  5. :popcorn:Waiting patiently for pics! :p
  6. Post pics, then we can all chime in! And whatever is bothering you about the handle, to me it doesn't look like a big deal. As glossie said. if you weren't comparing them side by side I doubt anyone would have noticed anything strange.
  7. I know, I know!! I felt kind of bad even posting the question about the handle without pics of the bags - I know we all want the eye candy :yes:!! We've been having some pretty nasty weather lately so I've tried to take some in doors, both with and without flash, and both bags just look black. I've also tried outside, but it's been so overcast that they both just look like a hazy, gray-black in outside pics. I think that we might get some sun today, though, so I'll try again when I get home from work tonight!

    Totally off-topic from the handle question, but basically here is what I'm agonizing over: I began really wanting an Anthra Giant Hobo about a month or so ago, and after calling all over had pretty much lost all hope of ever finding one brand new. Then, on a tip from Nanaz, I found one at the NM in Short Hills - I thought! It turned out that the SA had confused Anthra with Plomb and sent me a Plomb GGH Hobo. When I called after receiving the bag he was so sweet and apologized for the mistake, but unfortunately they did not have any more Anthra. I definitely did not want Plomb - I thought - so was going to send her back. But somewhere between printing out the shipping label and starting to package her back up I started to :love:. In the meantime, I emailed AR to see what they had in stock. Not sure why I didn't think to do this before, but for some reason I thought that AR didn't carry the Giant Hobos. They had one in Anthra, and it was immediately on it's way to me! I decided that I should just hold on to the plomb until the Anthra arrived so that I could compare, but I really figured that I would be keeping Anthra, no contest. Well, now I am agonizing over which to keep because the plomb has really grown on me in a big way - and I could be wrong, but I think I ended up with a very unique one, as it has very strong deep blue, almost purply blue, undertones that are even stronger more vivid than the blue undertones in my Plomb GGH Clutch. The Anthra has blue undertones as well, but they lean more towards teal. Though, since the weather has been so crappy I haven't had a chance to see either in the sunlight which helps to really bring out the undertones the best, IMHO, so once I do that could really help. The plomb has gorgeous leather, smooth and thick and a little distressed. The Anthra has amazing leather - perhaps the best Bal leather I have encountered yet - and is very distressed and somewhat more delicate feeling but unbelievably soft and silky. One big hesitation with the Anthra is that there are some significant scratches on the handle, to the point were the leather has worn off somewhat. I don't really mind it as-is, but I am very concerned about it possibly worsening and tearing in the future.
    Anthra Handle Scratches.jpg

    I spoke with AR about this and emailed photos of the scratches and am waiting to hear back.

    Wow, sorry this was so long!!
  8. I heard back from AR regarding the scratches/worn leather on the handle of the Anthra Hobo and they responded last night that they do have others in stock, but that they all have scratches and the one that they sent was the best one that they had :s. So, Antha is definitely going back. I think that plomb might actually be going back as well...I spoke with Bill at BalNY today and it turns out that they actually have an Anthra Hobo in stock as well, and it has the blue undertones that I was originally hoping for so I'm 99.99% sure that Plomb will be going back. These are the photos that Bill sent:

    Anthra GH Hobo_BalNY_1.jpg

    Anthra GH Hobo_BalNY_2.jpg

    Anthra GH Hobo_BalNY_3.jpg
  9. And, finally, here are some pics of the ones currently in my possesion!! They're not great, though, as it has continued to stay cloudy and overcast...

    Anthra on the left, Plomb on the Right
    Anthra and Plomb.jpg

    Anthra on the left, Plomb on the Right
    Anthra and Plomb_2.jpg

    Anthra_outside lighting.jpg

    Plomb_outside lighting.jpg

    Anthra with Black Day
    Anthra GGH Hobo with Black Day.jpg
  10. Plomb with Black Day
    Plomb GGH Hobo with Black Day.jpg
  11. I LOVE how purple the Plomb looks! :heart:
    I hope you can get the perfect Anthra bag!:yes:
  12. wow both colors are gorgeous! i think you made the right choice going with the one from BalNY it looks yummy! you have such a great taste .. good luck and can't wait to see pics :biggrin:
  13. I know - seeing those blue purply undertones is what really thru me into indecisive :nuts: mode!!

    Pink_Katana - :shame: You are soooo, sweet!! I really hope that the one from BalNY is THE one - but, we'll see if I change my mind again before I even fax Bill the authorization!!
  14. That is weird... my plomb looks navy-charcoal-silverish, not purple... The last few of your anthra pics look like my plomb. I def. prefer plomb over anthra, the anthra I saw looked like a faded greenish-black (sorry, it was probably just the one I saw irl).
    Here's a pic of my plomb, it's a chameleon color but quite accurate in daylight. I don't see any purple tones, and haven't yet in any other pics, so it might be a lighting issue?


    More here
  15. Couture- did you end up sending the plomb back for the anthra at NM? If so, that's perfect!! And hopefully it won't have all those scratches. I am surprised by the purple-y undertones in your plomb- all the ones I've seen just look like a dark gray w/o any undertones. I love anthra precisely because of the tealish undertones. In any case, update us on what you decide!

    S-O-F your plomb day is gorgeous!! That leather looks yummy!