Weird Highway Pictures on eBay ~ or am I nuts?

  1. Has anyone else noticed these very weird pictures on some auctions that look like time lapse pictures of a highway at night? I think it may be some sort of error from Auctiva or something. It is making me crazy! Or maybe I am crazy...

    One of my favorite sellers auctions, which usually have about 20 pics of each bag, have about 20 of these crazy pictures!

    I tried to copy one to show everyone what I am talking about, but it just came up "image protected by Autive" when I right clicked.:weird:
  2. [​IMG]

    This is it!
  3. Can you post a listing as the pic above just says free auctiva
  4. Something weird must be going on for you as I see pics of the bag :confused1:
  5. I can see the pictures just fine.
  6. Thanks, it must be me!
  7. Take a screenshot and post it on here, I'm intrigued!
  8. Dump your cookies, temporary files etc

    Good luck
  9. Thanks for that suggestion, I tried that but they are still there. Here are pictures of my screen:


  10. Oh wow that is the weirdest thing.

    I tried to list something with Auctiva earlier and they seem to be having problems with their listing templates but pictures uploaded just fine.
  11. Ooh very twilight zone . . .cue weird, creepy music in Miss Sooky's head . . .
  12. That is definitely weird!!!
  13. so weird! thanks for posting pics
  14. Here is the solution to your problem. I got it from the Auctiva support.

    "Hi Community,

    Update! The underlying issue that is causing you to see the highway images actually has been resolved, however, due to the nature of DNS and the internet, may take a little while to completely go away. However, the following are a few suggestions that may alleviate the problem in the interim:

    1) If you are behind a router, please try rebooting the router. The router may have a stale DNS cache from when this problem was ongoing.

    2) If you are on Windows, runnnig an ipconfig/flushdns command should flush your Windows DNS resolver cache and make your machine ask for the DNS lookup again. If you're behind a home router, you should reboot before doing this, otherwise it will not be of help. To run this command on your system, please select "Run" from the Windows "Start" menu, enter "cmd" in the "Open" field, and click "OK". Then enter "ipconfig /flushdns" and press the "Enter" key. You should receive a confirmation once this has been completed successfully.

    If neither of these suggestions resolve the problem, unfortunately, you will have to wait and it will resolve itself with time. Also, please remember that it is a very small percentage of people who can see these inappropriate images in your auctions, so this issue is certainly not as serious as it may seem on your end, and is not likely to cause you to lose sales. Thank you for understanding!

    Thank you,
    Auctiva Support"