Weird Hermes Dream

  1. I woke up and feel exhausted. Here's why: I had a Hermes dream last night. I dreamt that I went treasure-hunting and I went down to the basement and opened a secret door. After walking down the passage, I came to an underground opening. I turned on the light switch by the wall (it's a dream, didn't have to make sense) and lo and behold! MOUNTAINS OF ORANGE BOXES!!!! I started opening them up. Here's the weird part. Every single one of them contained a Hermes bag in fuchsia, but none of them in ostrich, only in leathers that Hermes does NOT use for bags. There was a fuchsia sharkskin JPG Birkin, a fuchsia Pigskin Kelly, a fuchsia snakeskin JPG Clutch (the bag was "breathing"), and I think a fuchsia Jige made of kangaroo? I don't know how I knew those were the skin in the dream, but somehow I just "knew". I woke up before I had a chance to open up all the boxes.

    Weird huh? What do you think it means?
  2. I think it means that you are wanting one particular bag and no other bag will do. Or, the bags could be a symbol of something else that you want in your life and you do not want any substitutions.

    I would love to have a dream of opening all those Hermes boxes!!
  3. kou... it means u need to move on!!! lol j/k
    maybe ur ostrich fuchsia birkin is a near by boutique waiting for you!
  4. i think this is the reason behind the dream.. from the day before: ;) (Hammering the ostrich thread)

    Originally Posted by lilach
    ahem if i am not on the complete wrong track i think she ment something nasty!
    hammering the ostrich = nailing the chick = doing faulous bedsports with a girl = having a lady coming over for breakfast the night before
    ;) :graucho:

    Ooohh!!!!:idea: Now I get it :roflmfao: So hammering the ostrich is screwing a chick with long legs. Ok, I should be careful with the way I name my posts from now on.:lol:
  5. lol,... I have tons of dreams like that but never posted them,... Maybe your dreaming because all you can think of is PINK OSTRICH and your mind has begun to play games with you,...

    I think you need to find your bag before you go nuts!!!
  6. Go Kou go...find that ostrich bag!
  7. :smile: Maybe it means you'll find your dream bag soon!!
    I had a Hermes dream before..but I forgot it!
  8. Kou : just a question...but did you special order this Kelly bag at SCP?

    I just heard from a friend that spoke to their SA at SCP....... they had your specific bag in, but the person who made this order did not pick up and it made it to the floor 2 months ago....wish someone would have called you....
  9. I hadn't had the privilege of ordering from there yet ... You mean there was a fuchsia ostrich Kelly in 28cm at SCP two months ago?!!!:nuts: Or did I misunderstood ...

    I'm coming to terms to the idea of "waiting" ... I guess it's not a matter of me finding the Hermes bag, it's the other way around
  10. This has been a learning experience for me. I always tend to stress and lose sleep over just about everything in life, this is training me not to:yes: For now I'm going to try to relax and only buy something if I want ... I suppose buying too much everytime can appear desparate, which won't be good either
  11. Did not misunderstand....there was one there, and unfortunately it was your exact wants.
  12. It was two months ago? So back in May or June, right? I'm obviously doing something wrong *sigh* Ok, i need to re-evaluate what I'm doing wrong ... or, I can just relax and forget about it and let the bag find me:yes:
  13. :smile: Let the bag find you! It will I am sure of it! Then you won't strss over it so much.
  14. Hi Kou, I think it could be a sign that your fuchsia ostrich will find you :flowers:
  15. ^^^agree. :yes: