Weird Guilt...

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  1. Okay, sorry, I realize this is probably not a good topic. :smile:

    Dunno how to edit the title!
  2. All the time.. all the time. I'm really interested in development of less industrial nations. Some days, it really kills me that the bag on my shoulder is more than what a lot of people make in the world. I mean, a rough estimate of absolute poverty (really, really destitute) is less than 1$ a day.. and my bags may be more than that.

    I earn my own money though.. and even though I'm in school, I'm paying my own way through everything.

    I think that hopefully I can even out my materialism with philantrophy, giving to charities and volunteering. I'm also interested in human rights law, and so long as I marry rich, I would love to do pro bono work forever !
  3. oh ya...guilt..because half of my bags were purchased from daddy:worried:..sometimes with him physically buying them..or other days with my credit card that he pays for.. :sick:
  4. I dont really feel too much guilt about my bags (just guessing at what the initial post said since its gone now). We all have different lifestyles, and bags are a part of mine. It sucks that there are other people in the world without as much, but presently there isn't much I can do about it since I don't have a real job yet and my family takes care of my expenses including purses. I donate money (my own that I make doing research) where I can, and I volunteer when I can too. I don't lose sleep at night over it, but am willing to help out whenever possible :biggrin:
  5. Oh, guilt aye? I have GUILT big time... Dad pays for 90% of my bags. :cry: What can I say? I'm a spoil mid-20 yr old! But I'm going to spoil him rotten when I start making big bucks! :lol:

    But I do donate money whenever I can!
  6. I don't feel guilty because I alwys worked very hard for the things I've got. Just sometimes there this little feeling that I spend so much more money than my hubby. He's a very modest person and never ask anything for himself and actually he's the one who's making the big bucks. I'm just working part time but I alwyas says that he loves to spoil me as a little Jewish princess.
  7. i have experienced similar guilt, so i got a job at best buy. it made me feel like a mooch to do nothing at 19 years old and get all kinds of cool stuff, so i just did something about it. my parents no longer pay for any of my bags (except for christmas/birthday), having a job helps me organize my time, and i actually love what i do, so i win! it's turned out better than i expected it to, actually.
  8. Most of the time I don't feel guilty because I work my hiney off. But then at times I feel guilty when I look at an expensive bag and think how that $$ may have been better placed in a mutual fund or savings account or applied to student loans. Also- I have to strategically hide my bags because my hubby is such a saver and he would flip if he knew what I spent!! :shame: Then I come back to how I work my hiney off and I don't feel guilty! It's a viscious circle:wacko:
  9. hey, you are a jewish princess too! It's nice to meet you :biggrin:

  10. Irissy that is how I feel dad and mom pay for a lot of my bags..but it doesn't go unnoticed.When I start making my own money I will definately want to give back to them.

  12. Sometimes i feel quilty... but i always make sure to donate clothes, money etc. So i try to balance it out
  13. Nope, I don't. I earn my own money and am supporting my family back in the Philippines right now. I don't make much but everything I buy for myself, I deserve it. I donated a scholarship to my college too and I donate clothes and money to charitable organizations too.
  14. No, I dont feel guilty. My parents taught all six of us well to appreciate and always help people less fortunate, so as a child I worked along side my Mother in a Home for Mentally challanged teenagers bathing them, feeding them, reading to them, I am paying to put a couple of teenagers in college here in the USA that live in Jamaica I work with a lot of celebs and to see the money they have and what they could do. That makes me feel guilty for them.
    My kids and my Husband feed the homeless and give our clothes and blankets to shelters. Ive worked with Women on death row in California (ChowChilla Maxmium prison )
    So theres no guilt here as long as Im on earth I will carry on sharing and helping others.
  15. Well, I missed the original topic, but I'm guessing it had to do with feeling guilty for buying bags :biggrin: I don't feel guilty because it's my money. When I was in college and my parents were helping me out, I was very thrifty and didn't spend a lot of money. If I ever wanted to, I talked to my parents first and got their permission. Now that I'm graduated and making my own money, I don't have to ask anyone's permission to buy something, only my own :P I work for my money, I enjoy my job, and I'm going to spend it how I like. Both of my parents have taught me to never feel guilty for buying something for yourself, as long as you work for it. That's what they have done as soon as they finished college and started working, and I'm doing the same thing :biggrin: