Weird goings-on with New Sig Stripe Totes!!

  1. Well, I've been playing with the drilldown tonight....and since I've been eyeing the new Brass/Brown/Bronze sig stripe tote, I decided to look it up on the drilldown...among other bags.

    Here's the deal...look at this...the color of the trim, etc....and then look at the second one to compare...Why the difference? Both of these styles are on drilldown..the second one is only on Japan's site...are these sold in two different trims, or what? AND the Japan site doesn't have the satchel in this color, and the trim on the satchel is again, a slightly different color from the totes..

    You know, if WE were running the Coach website, it sure would be alot more efficient, wouldn't it???:p

    [​IMG] Style # 11099 Large Tote

    [​IMG] Style 11097 (on the Drilldown and the Japan site)

    [​IMG] Neither site has this particular color!
    Notice the straps...the wallets have this same VERY coppery color inside...

    Maybe this is all related to the full moon where I live and HALLOWEENN.....!:death:
  2. I noticed this before too. The straps are different and the stitching is different. I have no idea why but yep, I noticed. I wonder if it's just a production change and the thinner straps are what's being produced rather than the more bronzey and thicker straps? I don't like the very obvious white stitching on the bottom 2 bags either.
  3. I really like 11097, the middle one from the Japanese site. I think the strap color is much more complimentary to the stripe. But, what's with the larger C's and shorter straps? Strange that they are all so similar...yet so different? I also don't like the white stitching on the bottom two.
  4. Yikes! I think the gold-ish straps look much better than those super coppery ones. I think the copper ones take away from the color of the stripe.
  5. I actually like the coppery straps better but I don't like the obvious white stitching either.
  6. 11097 is a little stubby tote. Someone ordered it in denim and returned it. It's like the size of the small Hamptons weekend patchwork totes from this past spring/summer.
  7. Thanks for your input about the strange tote, allison! I too, prefer the coppery handles, but don't like the stitching..I think that burnished copper is beautiful. I've seen the wallets and they have this color inside...not the lighter color.

    I think the totes are beautiful, regardless! I guess this is one of those change your mind after putting on website happenin's!:s
  8. Those coppery straps are beautiful! But that white stitching is a nono!
  9. the bottom two just look photoshopped for contrast but they all look like they re from the same family in person!
  10. the big ones the best!!
  11. I think there are some changes made in the product between the time they take the photos for the website/catalog and the time they actually put the product out. That may explain why some of the products come up different online than they do in the stores.
  12. i don't know but i haven't been on the coach site for awhile, and this it the first time i've seen this new coach line color.. and i am in LOVE!! added to wish list***
  13. I have the satchel and its a beauty! The white stitching does not really take away from the whole handbag for me.. I just love the bronze combination..:smile:
  14. I love those bags with the bronze. I am not a fan of the white stitching but overall I think that these bags are winners.
  15. i still believe that the top one is the best!!