Weird Gaucho Smell!! Anybodyelse???

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  1. I already noticed it yesterday that the leather smell different from other leather bags. It's a very weird and not very nice smell. :sick:
    Gaucho-Girls: Have you noticed this smell in the beginning and did it eventually faded away???Or is it just me??
    If the weather is nice tomorrow I'll put it outside to air a bit.
    My hubby and my friends said that they don't think it#s a weird not leathery smell, more like a shoe shop smell. But there's something of the smell that bugs me.
    Please help!!!!:biggrin:
  2. I remember we had a thread a few months ago where someone brought theirs back because of the stink. I don't know any more tho.
  3. i remember someone said it smelled like cat pee or something, lol. i hope the smell wears off of yours!
  4. It's more a weird dull leather with buffalo poo smell. If it doesn't wear off Mr.Dior is getting his smelly bag back:smile:
  5. It must wear off. I bought mine from Bagpuss and it does'nt smell. they treat them with something to make the leather look older, an oil or something. Thats what might smell for the first few days.
  6. LOL..Yep! That's the smell. :lol: Mine is still have the smell too but I haven't wearing it too much lately (I bough it in Feb). Only when I first got the gaucho then a few more times and now it is in my closet. I need to wear it more!

    Err..yeah..I don't know if the smell will fade awy but I hope so. And I don't think we can do anything about it though. Maybe we need to ask the SA about the smell and see if she or he can help how to lighten up the smell.

    But the smell doesn't bother me too much although I wish it will go away. I am kind of stuck because I love the bag too much!:biggrin:
  7. I love it too but I have the smell in my nose when the bag is sitting on my laps. Urghh. I hope it'll go away. Some people don't smell it that intens like hubby said: just a normal leather smell so said my friend. But I'm very sensitive when it comes to smells.
  8. I am very sensitive to smells and luckily, mine don't seem to have any smell at all. Neither the red nor the white medium shoulders seem to have any smell other than leather and that's not even particularly strong compared to some other bags I've received lately. I'm sorry yours are like that - it would bug me too.
  9. Mine also has a little smell to it but more of a leather smell than anything. I think the smell of poo comes from the bag b/c it's made out of cowhide leather or something like where I think someone in a previous thread mentioned it was treated with. Try to spray some perfume in the air and walk through it so it doesn't touch the bag directly...:idea:
  10. Thanks for the tip, ilove. I'll try that.
  11. I've heard about the smell on another thread quite awhile ago. Mine has a very slight smell. Nothing that is intolerable. I LOVE my gaucho!
  12. I returned my white Gaucho because of the smell. It was raunchy, to say it politely. I think it does fade after a while, but it bothered me too much for me to be able to use the bag. From what I was told, it was the dye treatment that caused the smell. I am hoping that other colors aren't as stinky. Maybe I'll venture to another color in Fall.
  13. Yep, they are odorific. The red one I had temporarily was FAR worse than my white tote. My tote smells like a weird combo of rubber and leather while the red just smelled... I dunno but it knocked me out every time I took it out of the dustbag. The smell does fade but doesn't disappear completely IME.
  14. Yeah I noticed a smell but it never really bothered me. Maybe it will fade a bit if I spray it w/ vectra. Has anyone used vectra on their gaucho?
    I have the white so maybe it smells less.
  15. Somebody else was complaining about this, a few months back. Seems to be commonplace.