Weird: Foodie gets bored with food!

  1. I admit, I'm pretty lucky when it comes to food.

    When I was younger, I worked in some amazing first class restaurants that made us learn how the food was prepared - for questions, or quality control. I also lived in France, one of the food capitals of the world! Then, when I was older, I traveled everywhere for my job. I have been exposed to amazing food all over, and I gleaned a lot and now I can cook it!


    I still eat, I def eat... but I have been cooking for a family all my life and for some reason, the zest is JUST GONE.

    Has this ever happened to you? I'm not depressed, I'm an otherwise very happy individual. I just wish I could grab a George Jetson pill (remember those? it was a whole meal!) and just go! LoL

    Not a huge deal... I may even "get over it" after a while... simply wondering if someone else found a fun way (or any way) to skip past the holdrums and get a love for cooking back!!
  2. yep, this happens to me occasionally too! I consider myself to be quite the foodie ... years of working in the food and hospitality industry, as well as having been privileged to live, work or visit in some of the culinary capitals of the world have spoiled me.

    I find though, that my periods of "boredom" seem to coincide with getting tired of cooking for the fam (especially for a picky 12 year old boy) or by feeling as though I am making the same things over and over again (see above)! Often, it just takes trying something completely new and different to get excited again!
  3. Hmmmm, probably right.

    DH really likes consistency... so against better judgement we have chicken parm night, etc.

    That said, I picked up a book on grilling today. Can't wait to give it a shot!!!
  4. A good girlfriend of mine just bought herself a weber and now she's the grill queen! She loves it!
  5. I jump in and out of cooking lately too! Some weeks I'm all up for cooking, some weeks I'm thinking...what do I have left to try and cook?? lol

    I need to buy a grill soon, that would put some spark in my cooking, but fashion tends to come before big cooking machines...
  6. Hahaha yeah ours came with the house. I tend to put accessories and my pups (yours are adorable, btw Neeya!) before buying a big grill. But it's here, soooo yesterday...

    I got pre-made chicken breasts (in the pre made food aisle at grocery store) wrapped it in foil with a little water at the bottom, poked holes in it and left it in the grill on low to slow cook.

    I micro'ed some butter and painted it on some potato bread, and Pam'ed the grill, dropped the bread on about 15 seconds each side, and VOILA chicken a la king witha real smoky flaour and DH raved.

    I felt like a cheat but it WAS good :p Burgers tonight!
  7. Maybe try learning a different type of food to cook? I recently started exploring Mexican and now realize that there's more to it than just burritos and tacos. It can be really healthy yet flavorful at the same time. Recent things I learned to make include pozole and ceviche. It's fun and exciting to cook new foods. One day I hope to conquer vietnamese cooking.
  8. Geez, I wish. Eating is one of my favorite past times, and it shows. :rolleyes:
  9. Yes, when I was younger and just moved in with boyfriend (now hubby) I was always cooking. Now with a family and after working all day I find it a real pain! I could be happy with even a pb & J but have to go thru all this trouble. I really don't enjoy it at all anymore. I feel like a terrible wife/mother sometimes. Also, I just don't like to eat meat anymore, it just doesn't appeal to me so I go through all this trouble and barely eat it.