Weird Food/Drink You're Addicted To?

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  1. Guys I CANNOT stop drinking tomato juice!

    Oh no, don't give me V8.

    Don't even try and give me a Bloody Mary.


    How gross! What "weird" food or drink do you constantly find yourself eating/drinking/craving?
  2. I buy a jug of Campbell's tomato juice every week. I also love Marmite on toast, and dried squid from the asian market lightly roasted over the gas burner.
  3. Avocado smoothie...sounds nasty but it's really's made with milk and a little sugar so it can have a sweet taste.
  4. I'm addicted to ALMONDS! Seriously. Raw almonds, almond cereal, almond granola, chicken almond salad. Love it all!
  5. Crystal Light. I love that stuff but many ppl find it nasty.
  6. Sometimes I crave apple cider vinegar. :shame: I don't know what it is...I like to slice cucumber in the summer and put it in a bowl with apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. love it! I think there's something in it i crave.
  7. black sesame yogurt smoothie and fermented soybean (natto) snack.
  8. I love marmite...all my friends look at it and tease me. I get so pissed at them...its sooo good!
  9. pickles!
  10. korean soondae (blood sausage). yum!
  11. Dulce De Leche :P Why did I ever learn how to make this!! Must, not, eat, from, can!! Heheh
  12. I am so addicted to pickles!!!!! I am snackin' on a big fat dill pickle as we speak!
  13. mmmm totally agree with pickles and almonds!
  14. rice pudding! I can't get enough of it!
  15. umm i MUST have oatmeal everyday... i am addicted to dried fruit... once i start eating nuts i can't stop... same with popcorn!