Weird feeling -- what now?

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  1. I just bought a pair of BV shoes and I have an odd feeling about the transaction. The shoes seemed fine from the pics, and are supposedly coming with box and dustbag, but the seller has contacted me twice, plus sending an invoice, within 12-ish hours after auction end. I have already paid.

    First email says the shoes are ready to be sent as soon as payment is received. The next thing I get is an email from Paypal saying they have been sent, and then a message from the seller saying that s/he will try to get them out today or tomorrow, but that the postage was $5 more than s/he thought it would be (I am assuming this means $5 more than I paid, the price in the listing), and that if I want to, I can send a check for the $5. It then gives the home address.

    I have never seen or done anything like this before. First, has my item actually shipped or not? If not, how does s/he know the postage? Second, isn't it weird to ask for the extra postage? When I have sold on eBay I make a guess at the postage and price accordingly. When it is less than I guess, I keep the difference, when it is more I pay the difference. The shipping price listed in the listing is what my buyer pays. I wonder if this seller would be refunding me $5 if the postage had turned out to be less than s/he thought? I would never expect or even think of that. Third, in each message from the seller s/he says "this is all new to me" or "I'm so new at this." The thing is, the account has fb on items being sold in 2009, so...

    The seller's toolhaus checks out, but I am just feeling weird. I really want the shoes and they were a good price, but now I'm worried that I might be dealing with something odd. I am also, of course, worried that the seller will give me neg or neutral fb if I don't send the extra postage.

    Am I wrong to feel weird about this? I only use *Bay sporadically and have never had something make me feel weird before, even with non-paying buyers. In fact, just in case she's reading, my last eBay dealings were with a really, really awesome tpf'er who I totally thank for the awesome bag and the special extra mile she went to get it to me on time! Anyway, I've never encountered anything like this before and am not sure what to do. Canceling the transaction would be super-over-reaction, right? But what about paying the extra postage? I don't want to be a jerk, but I'm also not comfortable paying it and am actually not sure if it would be a violation of *Bay rules or not?

  2. First, sellers cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer.

    The seller can't change the shipping charges after the auction has ended. They are stuck with what the auction stated - the additional charge comes from their pocket.

    Email the seller and ask for a tracking number - that should show if the box is in the PO hands yet.
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    If the seller uses paypal to print the label then they automatically send you a note saying that it shipped. Seller might mean the whole label printing thing is new to them. You never know. I dont think she should ask for the additional shipping since it was listed in the auction. I usually always end up paying an extra buck or two out of my own pocket and I use flat rate but with insurance added sometimes its hard to guess the final price. When they use paypal to ship it tells them the postage value and deducts it from their account. Seller can't leave you bad feedback anymore so I wouldnt worry about that. Only postive can be left for buyers. I would contact ebay and see what they recommend. Good luck!!!
  4. The seller cannot ask for additional postage nor can they leave you anything other than positive fb.

    Ebay automatically invoices you but the seller may not know this and sent you one herself. She may have checked the item as being shipped in which case Ebay would also automatically send you a notice even though the item has not shipped.

    You can pull the sellers info and call them to see if they are on the up and up.

    If I really am off on postage as in more than $1 I refund my buyer the difference. It isn't right to overcharge one buyer in order to pay for another buyers getting undercharged.
  5. Hm. Maybe I wasn't too clear. I don't overcharge people to recoup losses, I just make a good faith guess about what it is going to be and then just stick with that regardless of if it is right or wrong or whose favor it is in. That seems fair to me, since what the buyer is paying for shipping is what was in the listing, and what was in the listing was a good faith estimate. I only sell sporadically, but do want to be fair and ethical, so if this practice isn't right I will change it when I sell in the future, but I thought it was the norm/common practice, although I have heard of sellers charging exorbitant fees to offset *Bay fees, which I don't think is right, although that seems like cheating *Bay, not the buyer, since the buyer knows going in what the shipping will cost.

    I also thought sellers could leave neutral feedback, which is more or less like a neg for buyers, no?
  6. Nope, not even a neutral. Sellers can only leave positive fb for buyers.

    She is leaving the extra $5.00 charge optional for you. I don't know why she would even bother mentioning it. Most sellers would just absorb it without saying anything. If the extra shipping cost is the only red flag, I wouldn't worry about it. You can pay it or not pay it depending on what makes you feel better. I would just chalk it up to a seller who is a bit over-the-top in her calculations and wants everything accounted for down to the penny.
  7. I ALWAYS lose money when I ship. The seller will just have to suck it up and send. She can't, and in my opinion shouldn't ask for you to send the $5. Just send her a polite email saying that it is against ebay rules to change shipping costs and could you please send me a tracking number once you have shipped my shoes.
    The fact that she wants you to send a check is kind of strange, unless that is how you paid for the shoes. I would never send a check to anyone.