weird feeling i've had for the past week...

  1. i've been feeling..a bit full. full meaning that i think i have enough least i've spanned the type of bags i want from louie...i still think there are many bags out that i will eventually have (eg: damier sarria mini and saleya pm..) but for some reason i don't feel like buying to expand my collection..i guess it came down to a fact that the bags i'm buying costs as much as a plasma TV (and this i don't have yet :graucho:)

    since i'm on a purse ban..i actually feel like i want to use every bag that i have in my collection for the time being..the least expensive "bag" i have is actually the damier speedy 25..and this is the one i use the most! everyday as a school bag!!

    am i the only one? :shrugs:
  2. No, I actually think I have stopped for a while myself. I actually invested some money this week.
    I still love my handbags, but I am pretty happy with what I have.
  3. Feeling full is a good thing especially when your wallet will be feeling full as well:nuts: :yes: I've been full for the past months.:P
  4. I really want an azur piece, but that probably won't be for awhile. I'm ansy for something new though, but I do get that full feeling too.
  5. im so glad for u!! :yahoo:

  6. Yup, I'm on a ban. I too feel like i am reaching that point......but not YET!!! Maybe I'll move on to!! :yahoo:

  7. Thank you.....:cutesy: ....but not for long...:graucho:
  8. but i've already moved on to diamonds the same time i moved onto LV... :shame:

  9. I have had the same feeling. Even switched to Coach bags for a while, because they looked rather lonely, but then I started missing my Damier 30 amd took it out. You know, it should not be weird to feel satisfied and happy with what you have. Am I wrong? :confused1:
  10. I'd love to have that feeling! I'm new to LV so I have a ways to go. lol.:P
  11. I am feeling pretty content with my bags. I have the "itch" to get azur but at this point, I have to enjoy the bag my DH just got me. I don;t want to get another bag soon after he surprised me with one.

    Good idea to enjoy the bags you have now....
  12. I'm getting original "want" list contained 17 bags....after careful thought and looking at what I have, I managed to get it down to about 10....and then I'll be fully content.
  13. i'm feeling like that now too. i just received one bag today, and i may be getting one more, and except for my graduation/birthday/christmas bags -- and of course, the discontinued bag i have yet to locate! -- i think i'm done :girlsigh:. i think it's time to start using my bags more before buying anything else
  14. I actually feel guilty when I grab a bag that hasn't been used in a month....I fall in love all over again, and sometimes that is satisfying enough!
  15. I always feel "full..." but then I start to see all these great bags that I just have to have...bags that I never even looked at before or cared to notice...then I binge....and the process repeats itself!