Weird feeling about Damier Azur

  1. :confused1: :confused1: I was ready to purchase Damier Azur speedy 30 a while ago, but now when looking at the pics (having no chance going into store to take a look yet), and comparing with Damier speedy 30, why I feel I am going to choose Damier instead. Does it only happen to me ?
  2. I saw it in real life in the LV store here and think the Damier Azur speedy 30 is a cute bag... but would be limited by time of year to use it (IMO it seems like a spring/summer bag)... and I decided that I'd prefer the regular Damier in a speedy next.

    So I'm totally there with you. Regular Damier over the Azur.
  3. I already have damier..if I haven't, I would feel the same way. I think I like normal damier better .I want to add damier Azur speedy just to keep my other speedies company.
  4. I would take regular damier over the azur anyday.:yes:
  5. i saw the azur line in store today... the speedy 25 and the mini pochette accessories wuz waiting for me... but then i think it's too light in colour and would look bad with a dark patina so i decided to get the speedy 25 refunded... the mini pochette is pretty cute... i'm gonna give it to my sister =)
  6. I can't wait to see it IRL...because I am still on the fence.
  7. bagsnbags--ITA!!! :smile:
  8. The Azur is beautiful. I think it's for all seasons. It's just less boring looking than the brown damier and more youthful. :yes:
  9. damier canvas > damier azur
  10. I'm wondering if it depends on whether you liked it from the pictures or not? Cuz I think I was part of the minority who thought it really didn't look that great just from seeing all the photos, but I saw it IRL yesterday and I tried on the Saleya Azur and it was gorgeous! I love how it looks now - but I have to agree on wondering how it'll look once the handle patinas. I like it now b/c the whiteness of the handles basically match the cream in the canvas pattern.. but I wonder whether I think it'll look weird.

    I guess the test is to wear one of my mono bags to the LV store and hold some patinaed leather beside the azur canvas to try and get a sense of it...

  11. ^ good call!!!

    Even better if we can take a picture for reference..:graucho: any volunteer??
  12. After I saw it IRL I was in love. It's TDF! :love:
  13. I am excited to see how the patina will look. I think it will look great, maybe with the darkest of patinas it might look odd. Azur reminds me of sailors or something! It has a very nautical feel to me. I think thats what they were going for, especially incorporating the rope into that one bag in the line (sorry don't know name).

  14. Wouldn't it be similar to the mc patina? Maybe less harsh because it's the same cream/ivory color? :confused1:
  15. I think everyone is divided on the Azur line.. :biggrin: