weird experience in the LV store

  1. I was so delighted with the BH I got the last time I was in the LV store, that I almost forgot about this...

    I was standing at the counter, and Claude, the lovely SA, had gotten out half a dozen bags for me to look at - including the BH, BV, PH, and Trouville. An older woman carrying several large shopping bags came in, but I was so engrossed that I didn't pay much attention to her. After a while she came over to me and said in a low voice that she had a bag "just like that one, and brand new" (she pointed to the Trouville) that she would be willing to sell me for $400. She said she had it in one of the shopping bags, and that we could step outside the store if I wanted to take a look at it. Something felt very creepy about it, so I politely declined, but thanked her for the offer. Later, I thought maybe I should have told the SA what was going on.

    What do you think was up with that? I thought that she might have had one they wouldn't let her return, but none of her shopping bags were LV. Does she wander the shops looking for people to scam with fakes? Has anyone else experienced something like this? :wtf:

    On a completely unrelated note, when I was in there, I saw women with other high-end bags, a lavender Balenciaga motorcycle bag and a YSL Muse. I'd never seen either of these before in person, and I was not impressed with the Balenciaga (too flat/square for my taste), but the black Muse was absolutely gorgeous. :yes:
  2. That's really creepy. How did the SA respond to this woman's presence in the store?
  3. how odd!! i know that LV has cameras installed in their stores so they would have seen her around if she does this often. didn't the SA see her?
  4. He didn't really even seem to notice her. She wandered around a bit before approaching me, so maybe they thought she was just browsing. Now I wish I'd said something to the SA after she left, in case she tried to come back offer it to someone else.
  5. Wow, she has a lot of nerve going right into LV if she was trying to sell fakes!
  6. ugh!
  7. Even if her bag were real, I'd be annoyed...Her approach cheapens the LV boutique experience...and although I have not been to an actual boutique yet, I can imagine that the boutique experience is part of the thrill.:girlsigh:

    Off topic: Yes, the MJ Stam (especially in black) is beautiful in person! I didn't really like it until I saw it in person. :love:
  8. Omg, so true ! :roflmfao:
  9. Let's hope the only reason that woman was even inside LV boutique is to get those babies authenticated!;)
  10. That is really outrageous and odd to say the least.
  11. I'm glad you turned her down. Not only could they be fakes, but she could also knock you over the head when you get outside and drag you somewhere. (Sorry I think of the worst case scenario all the time)
  12. Wow..that's crazy !!
  13. Omg that's weird!!
  14. Don't feel bad, that occurred to me too. Little old lady with some big ugly friends...stranger things have happened!
  15. You're right, it did kind of detract from the experience, at least until I got back to trying on the bags. It was...uncomfortable, and completely unexpected in a place like that.