Weird Experience at LV Today *VIP & Champagne*

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  1. So I drove to Chicago today...and had the weirdest LV experience ever....and the best too LOL

    So first I went to my regular SA ( Saks LV) and he wasn't I went down the street to the big boutique.
    I'm immediately greeted by a woman with a heavy french accent...and I indicate I am contemplating an agenda. We get to talking and I'm asking about upcoming bags, etc. and when I said a couple words she asked me if I was french because my pronunciation was so good (I grew up in I still remember some of my french!).

    Anyhow...she says to me in a whisper "I can see you love fashion and you love know so much. I am going to put you on my VIP list. Whenever you want something, you will be put to the top." I'm like :nuts:
    Then she asks me "Would you like some champagne?" I don't she brought me water.

    She takes down all my info and says she will call me when the LVOE totes come in (the new ones), and the Grey Nimbus, and the new Vernis.

    I'm still kind of in shock.
    I didn't spend a lot of money today (just bought a couple accessories - I'll post pics tomorrow)....and I don't think I looked like a VIP (I was just wearing a nice top, jeans, carrying my Lodge PM, a Tiffany & Hermes shopping bag, and wearing Tiffany jewelry....I mean I wasn't blinged out or anything!).
    I guess I'm just confused why she would do this when it was the first time I had met her....and I wasn't dropping thousands of dollars on a bag!!!
    I must made me feel good...and if she follows through...I may have to cheat on my regular SA!
    I wonder if free gifts will come now :confused1: Hubby would sure like that...LOL
  2. Wow that is pretty awesome twiggers!!! I hope she stays true to her word! and does indeed put you on her Vip list and doesn't just say that!!!

    did you put your name down for the miroir lockit too??
  3. oh snap that's awesome! good luck for you!

    post as soon as she lets you know that the new love totes are in! I'm so excited to see those!
  4. that is AWESOME!!!! what treatment!!!

    last weekend, when i was in SF, i was helped on by the leather goods manager who abruptly said "i'm going to get some water for you" and she came back with a tray topped with a flower floating in water and my bottled water. i was in shock because no one else there was getting any sort of treatment and it was a mad rush before mother's day. plus, i was wearing really crappy clothes and only carrying the mono speedy 30. :P
  5. Jill: I don't really like the Miroir (don't shoot me!!!) I didn't put myself down.

    Penguins: I definetly will!!!

    She even said she would fax me pictures of things out of the look book ...huh? I thought that thing was super top secret and people got in trouble for taking pics of it! She said this in front of the manager too!

    Such a weird day!
  6. Nako: It was great treatment...really makes me remember why I love LV so much!!!!!!!!
  7. Glad you got such great treatment, very nice of her! MY SA is amazing also!
  8. Maybe your tiffany and hermes shopping bags help you
  9. Lol congrats!
    I've never heard of any SAs telling their customers when they're VIC. I'm sure you'll get gifts now. :yes:
  10. Oh that's awesome!!! Congrats Twiggers!!! :yahoo:
  11. I know that SA. She's helped me tons of times at Michigan Ave! She's also gotten me tons of hard to find things I've been looking for, and she never forgets about me- she's great! Congrats Twiggers!!
  12. Twiggers, your experience is as it should be, because you're a VIP just for being you! :queen:Perhaps it was something you said, or maybe your pleasant attitude that caused the SA to give you the special treatment. The fact that you were'nt dropping tons of money and are not 'famous', adds to the genuineness of the experience. So glad she made you feel special in that way! Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. Maybe she felt a "French connection" to you. LOL...sorry, I couldn't resist. :P:P

    Congrats Twiggers! Cool story!
  14. isn't it great to get the vip treatment? hehe
  15. Yeah for you twiggers! Now, make sure you post any info you get...