Weird email from my ebay seller

  1. Ok last week I bought a Coach bag from this seller, I recieved the bag yesterday with no problems however this morning I recieve an email from the seller with really odd request

    What would you do? I told her it all seemed fishy to me and I didn't really want to be a part of it.

    Here is the email:
    I also emailed back and said If I did agree to do this there would be even more expense for the money order and the stamp.
    Advice and thoughts please?
  2. I may sound mean. . . but I'd ignore it.
    You did your part, this is her problem, don't get involved.
  3. I totally's not your problem. It's his/hers. Now he/she is asking that you pay with a means that is not as safe as paypal as well which is a big risk to take when buying authentic merchandise on ebay. Also, not to say this is the case here, but generally accounts get frozen because of shady activity.
  4. I know a few people that has happened to, and only because they had a large sum of monies going into their account.
    Personally, I would ask the seller if it was okay to wait until it's been sorted and then pay, or pay by a means which is safe for you, (not sure of US secure payments). Perhaps bidpay? Or something like that.
    Anyway, good luck :smile:
  5. That's what's weird is I did already pay with paypal and I have recieved my bag. Our transaction is done and feedback has been left for seller and she has left feedback for me.

    Something shady may be going on, but my bag is def authentic.

    I think I will not reply back, this is the latest actually though ebay this time not my home email.

    Who's to say IF she does put money back into my account that I am honest enough to send it back? Not that I am that dirty but all in all this is a weird request
  6. Sorry reddianasaur, I wasn't reading *hangs head in shame*
    I guess it's really up to you then, seeings you already have the item. I'd be okay doing that as long as she pays the fees and whatnot.
  7. hhmmm....sounds kinda weird but my friend had her account hijacked and I know she had to fax in a whole bunch of stuff practically including a lock of hair and her first born to prove herself!!! So, who knows. But the thing you have to consider is that he could be on the receiving end of a rip off, not you. Suppose he refunds your money and you DON'T send the funds back? I don't know how this could be a scam but at the same time, I would think he should put out one fire before starting numerous others!!
  8. It's a scam, don't fall for it, don't reply to it and don't do it. Scammers have all sorts of ways to get infor and send emails....
    It has scam all over it.
  9. How do you know its not real? Stuff like that really does happen. I've heard of paypal freezing people's accounts for months on end. And if they are selling to make a living, it could really hurt them. How much was the purse? If it was just a couple hundred bucks, I would do it. Even if I got scammed, my conscious would be at ease because I tried to help somebody who was in a terrible situation. If they refund your money and you transfer it right away into your bank account...then how could they be scamming you? Is there something I'm not seeing?

    I sold something on ebay and was paid right away. Then I was recieving emails from the buyer asking that I refund her the money because she paid the wrong way through paypal and it took the money out of her account instead of off her credit card. I refunded and she paid again. I guess I just give people the benefit of the long as it doesnt risk thousands...
  10. it's a strange email, but I wouldn't be surprised if it truly was a real paypal story or even a scam.

    either way, your transaction is done, just tell him you can't help him out.
  11. I've read the paypalsucks website and in talking with others on an eBay sellers board, paypal really does suck. I know good honest sellers that have been screwed over by paypal. as long as your money is back in your account, i see no harm in helping out a fellow seller. Maybe they would be willing to take BidPay or google checkout so you don't have to go to the USPS, get a money order, pay the fee and mail. Google Checkout is the best because NO FEE's and they take ALL credit cards!

    Yes, it's weird. But paypal IS weird and if I were the seller and had thousands of dollars tied up in paypal, i'd be desperate and stressed too. I hope eBay finally will accept Google checkout as an official form of payment. I think they don't right now because they like the double dipping they get since they own paypal. eBay and paypal suck.
  12. Scam or not. You really need to remove yourself from this situation immediately. Nothing good can come of it for you. Whatever issues she is having have nothing to do with you and you just shouldnt involve yourself in it. And you are not obligated to do any of this. And honestly, who knows if it is even ok to do with eBay/PayPal rules.

    I would not respond to her any more and block her.

  13. This is a difficult one. If the seller is being truthful & cannot withdraw the money from their account I can see the problem. I think it may be genuine as they are going to refund your money & you have the bag so they really stand to lose, not you. I bet there are people out there without conscience who would take the money & the bag.
    Ultimately you have to decide what you feel comfortable with but I really cannot see how this is a scam as seller has nothing to gain.
  14. I totally agree. Imagine yourself in that situation. They must be desperate enough to risk losing their money and merchandise all together. I would hope that if I got into this situation, someone would be kind enough to understand and take the time to help me out. What goes around comes around. :shrugs:
  15. Newest message from seller so I guess all is well and I have no worries and she has none either!

    Thanks for all the advice