Weird Email from A Seller


Nov 28, 2006
For the second time I got this strange email from a seller I don't know. The first one I reported to Ebay but apparently that did no good. Has anyone else received this and, if so, what did you do about it? (I removed the seller's name)

Happy Holidays. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a goldsmith / jewelry designer with a store on eBay. I work mainly in Solid 18k - 24k gold & precious gemstones, but welcome custom requests. Please pop in for a peek at my collection filled with: designer gold chains, earrings, bracelets, & long romantic wire wrap gemstone necklaces. Excellent Customer Feedback & Bio!


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I would email them back and tell them it is against eBay policy to email other eBayers if they are not currently involved in a transaction with you. That will probably scare them away as the policy is real. I've had to do the same thing a few times.
Mar 7, 2007
When I had some high-end bags listed on ebay awhile back I got several similar emails from an "authentic designer handbag" seller in China. I reported them too.