weird...eluxury is selling a black blake with nickel hardware

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  1. i was browsing for new mj additions on eluxury when i spotted a blake. i click on the picture to find that they're selling a black one with silver hardware! talk about a blast from the past! perhaps it's a leftover in their stock that they're trying to get rid of now? i found it strange. i thought it was even weirder when i took a look at the photos: one is of the black blake with gold hardware and two of the alternate views are of an indigo blake.

    in any case, if anyone is looking for an old school black blake, is wary of going through eBay, and doesn't mind paying full price, click on the link below:
  2. They also had these as well as black mp both large and small with nickel hardware at Neiman Marcus in Ft. Worth, Texas not too long ago.
  3. I just saw that tadpole...and I thought it was strange too. I guess maybe it's a return or something??
  4. They've got pics of the dark indigo blake... what a tease!
  5. Wouldn't a return have the lighter lining though?? This appears to have the dark lining...:shrugs:

    EDIT- Nevermind just noticed the indigo---what a confusing listing???
  6. I noticed the description as nickle hardware too with that Black Blake --
    I would definately call before ordering -- they've posted mix-ups in the descriptions before.

    For being the LVHM Group website(which owns MJ), I'm surprised that ELuxury doesn't spend $$$ on proof-reading since they own all the specs.

    Bit I sure love their pics:drool::drool:
    And, I sure loooooove getting their boxes ......:nuts: