Weird Ebay Seller claim - help please?

  1. I'm trying (very unsuccessfully so far) to buy a Le Catalogue 2005 edition.

    I thought I'd found one on eBay - especially as another viewer emailed the open question - "what year is this catalogue for, what date is printed in the back?" and the seller replied "2005"

    Yay, think I - must bid on that.

    Even bigger YAY - I won it.

    Glee turns to morbid sadness as I open the package to......................a 2004 version. :hysteric:

    After a fair bit of toing and froing with the seller about what they sent, what I bought etc, I get this email from them

    I called LV store.
    You konw why, LV don't make 2005.
    I'm sure, they only made 2004~2005 and 2006.
    Thank you and sorry for that.

    So my question is - does anyone have a Louis Vuitton Le Catalogue 2005 with the year 2005 printed in the back please? Did they make one - as I assume they must have - can you provide me the proof that this seller is pulling a fast one??

    Interested on two accounts - 1) I need a 2005 Le Catalogue and would hate to think there isn't one and 2) Seller claims they spent more on delivery than they charged and can't do a full refund including my added expense of sending the product back to them for the refund!?!? :cursing:

    Many many thanks.

  2. What color is the 2005 - I have a blue one and can't find a date on it anywhere....
  3. She might be telling the truth. I do think I remember them saying they weren't putting out a catalog one year for some reason, but I could be wrong. I try to get one every year and I have a 2004 (dark brown) and 2006 (blue). Maybe someone else can help you or you might be able to call 866 and find someone that knows!
  4. i called 866 last week to request a 'new' updated catalog. I told her I had the blue one and wanted to pay for the s&h for the next issue.
    She said the blue one is the current and that they mostly do not have a set timetable as to when the next will be printed.
    It does make sense that they might not print it, paper costs, etc etc, but it sure is nice to bring it places and consider items and have the measurements right in front of me. The internet sites lv and eLux can be difficult to navigagte when comparing items, you know?
  5. Yep, that's it...dark brown is what I have from 2005, and I know it was around awhile before I got it, and dark blue, from 2006-current.
  6. Same here..the last Catalogue I got was when my store opened and that was when the last one was published.