Weird Ebay Message: Is this a Glitch??


Mother of Dachshunds
Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
I was trying to make a Best Offer on an item a seller I have done business with before is selling. I got this message in red:
This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements

You are unable to place best offer on this item because:
You have bought the maximum-allowed number of this seller's items in the last 10 days.

Note: If you are still interested in placing offer on this item, you may contact the seller and ask that they exempt you from any buyer requirements they have set for this item.

I have bought from this seller before, but it's been over 30 days since my last purchase and the transactions have always been fantastic. I don't believe for a minute he would have blocked me, so what's up with this message?? (I emailed him and told him about it, waiting to hear back!)
Nov 20, 2007
Could he have made a loss on that deal with you? :shrugs:
Unfortunately sellers will have their way of protecting their interests, just as they won't ship to certain countries. I wouldn't take it personally, I'm sure there are many more IDs he blocked.
Nov 16, 2007
I know you can set your preferences to block people from bidding who have bought a certain number of your items within 10 days... but come on!