Weird E-bay message?

  1. OKay~ I just purchased a Vanilla Epi Soufflot from e-bay...should be here today or tomorrow. Really good price too....Then this morning I got a message from someone asking if I will sell the bag to them?:wtf:

    A. I haven't even received it yet to see it, try it on etc...

    Thought maybe I should wait to reply until the bag arrives? Should I reply at all? Not sure how to handle this...

    Just a little weird....:wtf:
  2. You don't have to reply. Just leave it, and if you do decide to reply, definitely only do it through 'my messages' on your 'my e-bay' page.
  3. I think I'll wait until I do get the bag...check it out, make sure I really want it completely...then respond accordingly through my e-bay messages. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks:flowers:
  4. LOL.. i got the same type of message when i had won my Mono Mat French wallet!! Yup, I thought it was REALLY weird and never bothered responding.
  5. Someone must really want it!
  6. Oh my gosh, what a small world! I'm the one who sold you the Soufflot on eBay!! :lol:

    It's odd that someone would email you about the bag. I would bet it's some sort of scammer. :s

  7. Too Funny! I can't wait to get her~ I hope she arrives today! I am glad you are a member here! :yes:

    She looks great! I have never tried one on so I can't wait!
    Thanks my friend!:flowers:
  8. It really is a pretty bag. I have sooo many bags and I just got three more. :shame: I do hope you like it!
  9. What have you bought....I want to know...:graucho: =)
  10. that is odd - did the email mention a price...I wonder what the story is there . . .
  11. Nah, I wouldn't even consider replying. You got it for a good price, they may ask you to whether you want to sell it to them for the same price or just a little more. You got the bag you want, so ignore them!
  12. Maybe it's some one that was watching the bag and missed the boat when you bought it, you know? Hey, if you get the bag and don't like it, you can always sell it to that person and not lose any money!;) Sounds like a good back up plan to me!
  13. I've done that myself - missed the auction and really wanted the bag...
  14. ditto
  15. I've contemplated doing that as well!! I just figure another good one will come along!