weird dustcover to come w/speedy

  1. So, the speedy i just got, the dustcover i got is different from the one that came with my mono speedy (and all my other dustcovers for that matter)

    It is a drawstring bag type.

    Is this normal??

    Here is a pic of it that i took from eBay.
  2. I've gotten a drawstring dust cover..mine says Louis Vuitton on it..not LV..but I think that they come like that too.
  3. my mc speedy came with a bag like that as well I think my mini lin.
  4. My older multicolore speedy came with that same bag but it was purchased in 2004. My new bags have all come with the linen type bag with Louis Vuitton printed on them. Newest ones from this weekend came with both the drawstring and a flap style. I think it also varies based on where you live what material dust bag your stores may get. I hear more humid climates get different materials than dry climates.

    My azur speedy 30 came with a flap style dustbag but my multicolore speedy white from the same order came with drawstring.

    I personally prefer drawstring ones to the flap bags but it really doesn't matter. Congrats on your new bag!
  5. My Azur speedy 30 from eluxury came with the drawstring dust bag.
  6. Its just and older version. But it is weird that it came with an azur since azur is so new.
  7. Its possible that for some reason the seller either didnt have or didnt want to give you the one that shouldve came with your bag, so she threw in an old one so that you had one. I actually perfer those ones. When I sleep over someones house for the night, I throw my essentials in that, its nicer that a plastic bag and luggage is way overkill.
  8. but I actually like it and the dust bag is new for sure. I was complaining the flat one (hard to use) when I got my mono speedy 30.
  9. I only have 8 bags but amongst those 8 bags are 3 different types of dustbags, if that tells you anything.
  10. No worries, that is normal. I got that same dustbag when I purchased my LV Speedy.
  11. Yup, just the older version..this was before they came out with the stiffer yellow-y beige ones and the current softer yellow-y beige ones.
  12. They probably just used the older one.
  13. Thanks girls!


    I purchased the bag from the LV boutique where i live. They actually don't even have the hard boxes...she said the manager doesn't order them, just the flat foldy boxes. She didn't even put my azur in any box. Just wrapped it in the dustcover and then put in a bag. I then said "can i get a box" so she went and got one. Kind of ticked me off actually.

    Oh, and my datecode is 1037! lol it was made just at the end of March! lol it's so so new.
  14. ^^where do you live?
  15. Its the older version dustbag but I actually prefer a draw string one over the fold-over envelop types!