Weird dreams?

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  1. So, have you had any really freaky and weird dreams? Well write it here, I'm drying to hear. My most freaky and weird dream goes like this:

    I'm with my friend, walking down the street, the suddenly R. Kelly (btw, I love him - this explains why my phone breaks later:sweatdrop: ) comes up to me, puts his hand around my waist and asks "Where have you been all my life?", and then we go to his limo and he's about to kiss me when (!!!!) my :censor: :cursing: :mad: phone rings (IRL) and I get so pissed because I really love this dream that I throw it againt the wall and it comes apart completely. But then I fall asleep again, and this time we're walking down the street again (r. kelly and me) and then R. Kelly takes off his FACE and becomes P. Diddy and then P. Diddy goes into a canoe in this really brown disgusting water, and I'm forced to jump from a cliff to another to get to school (WTF) and when I finally get to school R. Kelly is making out with my teacher (who is a man in his 60's) :s and then this dream ends and another begins. (this is sick and twisted!)

    So I am in my bed when the guy from SATC (Smith) comes in, and he goes inside my wardrobe to sleep (???) and then after he closes the door is starts to rain condoms and coldsore band aids (god i don't know what it's called :shame: ) from the wardrobe. So.. he comes out of the closet and we're about to do it WHEN.. he becomes this guy in his 80's so we decide to play chess instead. Then my mom, dad & brother (don't even have a brother) comes in and they all go and hide under the bed. Then I wake up. TWISTED! :shrugs: Although I have to admit that I loved the first one, well, before the phone rang. So come on people, share! :flowers:
  2. OH GOD! I'm so sorry, completely wrong forum! :shame: :shame:
  3. Can somebody remove this thread please? I posted it in the General Discussion forum. :smile:
  4. hahaha!! I loved that :biggrin: you made me laugh soo hard!! I thought it was going to be a dream about jeans or polos or something!!!! :lol: :roflmfao: