Weird/disgusting food...had you...thread

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  1. Ok kinda just for fun!I just remembered this a while back that I was forced/threatened by my Mom and aunt and my cousin to drink these asian "thingy"suppose to be good for skin or something. I took a tiny sip but just can't do it because the "thingy" look clear and flowing in the bowl.Later I found out the "thingy" was frog fat:oh: I can't believe they wanted me to drink those :cry: :sick: :sick: :sick:
    OK had you guys had some weird food/bad food experience that wanna to share????
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  2. Yea... brussel sprouts. Can't stand 'em but my mom and aunt tricked me into eating them... making me think I was going to get to play a game (spoons!)... I was like 7. Never do that to your children, they'll hate brussel sprouts. :o) LOL
  3. EW!! lol
    I honestly can't think of anything at the moment. My parents always tried to feed me meat and that was gross enough for me.
  4. cow tongue. Thought it was noodles. Tasted fine until I found out it was tongue.
  5. ewwwwww:sick:
  6. yea, tongue.
  7. duck.
  8. My friend's parents took me to a restaurant while I visited in Japan and they had a course of BBQ every part of a cow as a course... including things I didn't know you can even eat! of course, they didn't tell me until we walked out of the restaurant....:Push: remind me not to gobble everything people put in my plate! *edit: tongue was part of it*
  9. squirrel.
  10. When I was younger, I was forced to eat meat cooked in "chocolate sauce" (i.e. pig's blood). :sick: :sad2: :sick:
    However, some of my younger nieces and nephews now actually like it!
    (And no offense to anyone else here that does, too!):P
  11. I heard people in japan eat chicken raw! Like chicken sushi anyone?!
  12. :sick: Pigs Trotters
  13. :biggrin: Trotters? is that what I think it is?
  14. I have eaten:

    pig's kidney
    pig's ear (very chewy)
    liver (not sure if cow or pig)
    fish eye
    sushi roll with eel

    None of them tasted bad in my opinion but people generally find it disgusting that I have ever tasted them.
  15. snails....YUCK!!! I know you can term them in a more dignified way...but thats what they were and tasted like to me :lol: