Weird/cute idea

  1. From this blog:

    "Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a box full of Hermes scarves and pull them out like tissues? I designed this box over at the Kleenex site. I couldn't buy one as they only ship in the USA but it's a great idea as a different Christmas gift."
  2. B - I think that is absolutely adorable!!!
  3. Me too!
  4. OMG I love it...I wish I had that many scarves to stuff in a box...LOL
  5. She has a great blog.
  6. Indeed! At first, I thought it was yours!
  7. If only! She features lots of cool housewares. And I think she sort of looks like Patsy. :smile:
  8. this is cute
  9. What a great gift!!
  10. So cute !
  11. Love It! I would be happy even if it were only filled with kleenex.
  12. Love it!! :smile:
  13. Do I get to sneeze into them too?
  14. That's so much more clever than anything I've seen in a magazine since:wondering.........forever.
    Why don't they have YOU in the Vogue creative think tank. Then maybe it wouldn't be so boring.
  15. AWESOME! Now, if I can't have scarves in that box (and I can't!) can I have ORANGE kleenex? LOVE it!