Weird buyer

  1. I recently sold an item to someone on eBay with zero feedback. Now that person paid immediately using Paypal/Buy it Now but it seems that their eBay account is registered to one name while their Paypal account is registered to another. Both addresses are the same, just different names (it's a library in Chicago). After googling both names, it seems they both work at the same place. Anyways, I e-mailed the buyer earlier this week to say that I would have to ship to the confirmed Paypal address to protect myself as a seller but I still haven't heard anything from them. Should I be worried or should I just ship out the item since it has been paid for? I guess I just feel like something is off.
  2. I would contact eBay first and apprise them of the situation. Also see if they have a phone number for the buyer. This way you're covered. In the mean time, maybe the buyer will respond. If you do ship the item, make sure you do so to the PayPal confirmed address and request signature with delivery confirmation. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for replying. The buyer still hasn't replied to my emails. I'll contact eBay and ask for their opinion. Should I ship the item anyways, I'll definitely use a shipping method which offers a tracking number and delivery confirmation.
  4. I would just ship to the PP address since that is who paid for the item.
    I know I buy stuff all the time on one eBay account and then pay for it with my husband's PayPal account. Obviously it's a different name, and in our case it's also a different address since it's tied to a credit card billing address that is different from our primary residence.

    As long as the buyer's PP address is confirmed, you're covered.