Weird Blue Ink on Groom Cles ... HELP!!!!

  1. I just noticed some blue ink on my cles ... it hangs off my purse and there is nothing on my purse tho .. help .. is there anything that will get it off and not ruin the printing! Help help help!!!!

  2. Did you try whiping it off with a wet cloth yet? If that doesnt work try mr.clean magic eraser. If that doesn't work try white polish??? Good luck!
  3. Try warm water and a cloth, do no try anythign with alcohol it's too abrasive umm, maybe LIGHTLY with mr.clean erase, but I have my reservations about that, I have never used it, I don't know just how abrasive it is! SORRY! I hope it goes away!
  4. have you tried clean it with baby wipes??
  5. try like a windex glass cleaner none alchol...